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How to Improve the Lives of the Poor

How to Improve the Lives of the Poor PhotoIt’s surprising to see how sturdy the disparity of the rich and the poor has become. As the rich become richer, the poor are, well, getting nowhere.

You would think that because of the advent of modern technology, modern science, and modern medicine it would also be much faster, easier and attainable to improve the lives of the poor. But due to a number of factors (social, political, economical) the facts and stats on poverty are rising at an alarming rate.

Fortunately steps can be taken so that slowly but steadily things could take a turn for the better. These are as follows:

Better education

Some say education is a mere privilege and not necessarily a right. If this philosophy continues, the poorest and most helpless sector in our society will continue to suffer, especially the children.

A bright future starts with a good education. This is the first step in breaking the bonds of poverty because it breaks the barrier of ignorance. With this, people will be capable of making efficient and informed choices with their lives.

Better healthcare

Worldwide, countless number of people are dying due to the lack of access to health care. The greatest impact, again being on women and children. Sadly a lot of these mortality and morbidity rates are caused by diseases that are highly immunizable.

Needless deaths, which could have been prevented with the use of vaccines, should be given top priority.

Equal employment opportunities

Again several factors come in here, and it does not always involve a good education. Racial, sexual, religious, and cultural discrimination plays a significant role in the employment status of a big chunk of the population. Even the most competitive and deserving applicants get a thumbs down because management cannot shake off their biased judgments.

Unless prejudice is eradicated in society, there will be no chance for equality- the root for a lot of discontented uprisings. No job equals a lot of desperate individuals turning to other means to survive, which are not always legitimate or even legal.

More livelihood programs

Face it, not everyone can acquire a diploma, but this should not be a reason for them not to live a decent and prosperous way of life. That is why alternatives should be given. Skills and livelihood trainings sponsored by both the government and private sectors in the community. Dole outs are a big no-no. Do not give them fish, teach them how to fish. This will give them pride, dignity and independence.

There are no quick fixes to this. Everyone must work together and contribute in his or her own way. And unless racial, social, cultural and political barriers are brought down, these issues will never be successfully addressed. It will take a unified and collaborative effort from governments and private sectors to promote worldwide change. Push for reforms for equal opportunities and access to the most basic human needs like food, water, shelter and livelihood. Better health care and education should follow. Children should be the main priority because they’re the ones needing the most care and protection. Once selfishness and prejudice are put aside, genuine transformation can take place.