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How to Increase Creativity

How to Increase Creativity PhotoAll people should take the time to learn how to increase their creativity. Creativity is important, not just in school or at work, but also at home. Here are some steps to boost the flow of your creative juices.

Accept that you can improve your creativity

This is a very important first step. If a person can’t do this, then none of the other steps can really work. The problem is that some people are taught that creativity is something you’re born with. They’re led to believe that it’s a gift that only artistic types have in abundance.

This isn’t true. Creativity is something that can be nurtured and improved. People can take positive steps to increase their ability to be creative. But first they have to accept that such a thing is possible.

Nurture your courage

The fact is that it can be scary to try to be creative. One of the whole points behind being creative is that you offer something different. And being different can feel risky. Creativity involves sticking your neck out and this can be intimidating.

So if it’s intimidating, you need to practice being brave. Maybe in the beginning, you can try offering creative suggestions to people you trust. It can help, at first, if people don’t immediately shoot down what you suggest. Over time, you can become more comfortable suggesting something different to a wider audience.


This is something that people don’t do enough of. Sometimes, when people try to come up with something new, they accept the first suggestion. This is a lost opportunity because something better could have been mentioned, with more time. Brainstorming is good, not just for teams, but also for you as an individual.

So if you need to come up with a creative idea, set aside some time. For instance, commit 15 minutes to writing down every possible idea that comes to mind. Don’t edit or censor, just keep on writing. You’ll find that this process helps you come up with new and different suggestions.

Be open to what’s out there

The world is full of creative ideas from a multitude of people. Unfortunately, a person can go through a day without once stopping to appreciate this. If you’re looking for something to spark inspiration, stop and really look around. Consider the ideas, shapes, colors, texture and words which are already all around you.

This doesn’t mean that you’ll just copy an idea that you see. Instead, you’re trying to find new ways to use existing ideas. For example, inspiration for a website’s color scheme can come from a shoe design.

Creativity isn’t something that people are just born with. It can be grown. Keep these tips in mind as you work on becoming more creative.