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How to Increase Your Attention Span

How to Increase Your Attention Span PhotoMany people are not good enough when it comes to concentrating. The main reason why some people end the day without accomplishing anything is lack of attention. They start doing something, become distracted in the middle of working and realize at the end of the day that they were not able to accomplish anything.

This article will be discussing different tips that will help you increase your attention span in order to accomplish the important tasks that you need to finish within the day. Remember that increasing your attention span is one of the keys that will make you successful in whatever you do.

Stop procrastinating

Procrastination is the act of forgetting your priorities because you are so fond of multi-tasking. In some instances, multi-tasking is a very important talent. It can help you accomplish lots of activities in a certain period of time. However, relying in this very special talent vested on every individual can also hinder you from accomplishing the most important task in the day. For you to be able to increase your attention span, you need to stop doing little things when you have already started doing the main task for the day.


This activity is designed to improve one’s attention span. You can do this alone or with a group. Meditation is a mind exercise that helps you build a mind that can focus in a single thread of activity. It is also mind relaxing and it can help you understand the importance of focus.

Apply reward system

If you are trying to accomplish a task, the best motivational trick that you can use is reward system. Tell yourself that you need to finish your task until lunch and give yourself a break after that. You can go for a sumptuous meal consisting of your favorite food; this will give you the feeling that you have done your best today so you deserve this break. Or you can work all week and try not to be distracted by thinking about a weekend getaway.

Give yourself a deadline

If you need to finish reading a book for the day, place a timer on the table and set it. You have to set a deadline and be serious about it. The best way to make the deadline work is to use the reward system discussed before this item. If you do this everyday in every task that you are supposed to accomplish, you will realize the importance of focus and you will certainly find it easy to increase your attention span.

Increasing your attention span is a challenging activity that will make you a better listener, a more improved worker and a goal oriented person. If you were able to do the different things enumerated above, you will surely improve your attention span little by little. If you want to be successful in what you are doing right now, you should consider the different tips given in this article. Increasing your attention span is equivalent to increasing the possibility for you to become successful.