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How to Increase Your Office Productivity

How to Increase Your Office Productivity PhotoEverybody is aiming to be more prolific in all areas of life, especially when it comes to job related matters. Indeed, office productivity is a serious concern of the companies, but being less productive cannot only be blamed to the staffs alone. After all, nobody wants to be less effective, knowing that there is high demand of competition in the industry. If you are looking for solutions on how to increase your office productivity, here are some ways to do so:

Better relationship with others

Have a better relationship with your workmates and even with the clients. Encourage, appreciate and recognize. This approach will surely create a good atmosphere leading to more production because your colleagues will enjoy working with you if they are inspired by your good attitude. Being polite is one of the best qualities a person should have to maintain good personal relations.

Costumer consciousness

You must be able to identify the customer’s needs thru effective communication in order to offer them more than what they need.

  • Talk to them. Ask the management to conduct surveys or queries about their needs, what they want and how they feel being your customer.
  • Appreciate them. Give them the best assistance you can give.

Block distractions

Being focused on what you’re doing ensures bigger result. Cell Phones, laptop, other communication devices, and the internet are essential tools to the company, but make sure that it won’t consume most of your time. As much as possible keep your phone away from you in order for you not to be distracted by occasional incoming personal messages.

Time management

Time is gold”. Remember every second within your workplace counts. Your company is paying your daily time in the office, and it needs to be utilized, but if you are incapable of managing your time well, you won’t get the maximum result required from you. Set goals and accomplish every goal quickly and try to monitor if your time set for your specific goal is met. Working for your goals one at a time makes you feel easy if you know you have achieved something on that day.

Creating routines

In order for your day to become predictable, create work routines, so that you will know what to do, and where you need to be at all times. If you are able to establish a routine, it will be then easy for you to address “downtimes”, in which makes people less productive. Furthermore, a person’s productivity can vary during different hours of the day. Research shows that the lowest time for productivity is between 12 noon and 2 PM with only 6 percent of respondents saying this was their most productive time while 36 percent surveyed said that the morning between 9 and 11 was their most productive time of day. Your productivity depends on how you manage it. As you aim higher, not only for yourself but also for your career, you can be sure that there’s room for improvements always.