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How to Insure a Teenage Driver

How to Insure a Teenage Driver PhotoAs morbid as it sounds, most car accidents happen to teenage drivers. In 2007, RMIIA.com released a fact sheet that said motor vehicle crashes were the leading cause of death among 13-19 year old teens in the United States.

With this thought in mind, maybe it’s time you got your teen driver insured.

The Costs

Talk to any insurance company and they’ll tell you one thing: “it will cost you to insure your teen driver”. Teens have a higher probability to be involved in car accidents, that’s why it’s quite difficult to get auto insurance for them. Some companies don’t even allow auto insurance for teens.

The best way is to study your own policy and see if you can include your teen in your existing policy. This would be relatively cheaper and less complicated than getting your teen’s own policy.

For more information on the cost of insuring teen drivers, Insurance.com released a study involving the increase of policy rates when adding a teen driver to a parent’s policy.

Consider your options

Talk to your agent

If you can include your teen in your policy, have your insurance representative give you a walk-through of your options, risks and the costs. Ask how to get discounts.

Shop around

It’s also better if you can shop around and look for other insurance companies that offer policies for young drivers. Different companies offer different rates, so you can choose your best option.

Ask about non-standard auto insurance, which is mostly meant for high-risk drivers. You can also look up each state option regarding teen drivers’ insurance policies.

Insured car

Another thing to consider is the car itself. There are cars recommended by insurance companies that are considered safe and have low auto insurance rates. In fact, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety released a top safety pick 2011 list for.

There are a lot of cars on this list, so you won’t have a hard time convincing your teen to pick one of the models on this list.

Responsible driving

No matter what insurance you secure for your teen, it’s always best to teach him stuff about responsible driving.

Driving school

Most insurance companies give discounts to students who have above average grades in school or those who took driving lessons. Enrol them and encourage them to finish driving school.

If you can, enrol them in defensive driving courses, as well. Defensive driving focuses on the driver’s safety and how they react to certain situations involving accidents and emergencies.

Be a role model

On top of everything, be a positive role model for your teen. Show them you’re a responsible driver and you want them to do the same.

You can keep reminding them about sticking to the rules, but if you don’t do them yourself, the point won’t get across.

Constant reminder

Remind them to always be careful on the road. Make sure you let them know that you’re after their safety and well-being, and not because you want to boss them around.

One can never be too sure on the road. Insurance for your teen drivers may cost you a lot of time and they could be a bit pricey. But at the end of the day, it’s still about your child’s safety.