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How to Keep Your Office Table Clean

How to Keep Your Office Table Clean PhotoDealing with a messy desk for let’s say 3 days will not make any difference. However if, this will last for weeks and months then you should make changes.

It may be difficult to know where or how to start the clean up, but once you read this article you won’t find that hard anymore.

Give yourself a few minutes to read and a couple of days to adjust, changes will be evident sooner than you think.

Use drawers and organizers

Using drawers and organizers is one powerful way to minimize the scattered papers on your desk. With it, all your documents and tools will be at your fingertips without seeing all the clutter on your desk.

It’s best to store all your current projects on one drawer, and your tools (such as pens and staplers) on another. The only papers on your desk should be the current projects you’re actually working on.

Labeling genuinely works

You can also include labeling with your drawers, especially if you have tons of papers and documents to support. This ensures that you won’t exchange your works.

Although this is one of the most common recommendations when it comes to organizing, yet it is the most ignored; thus there should be a stronger emphasis on it.

Get it done

A cluttered desk with unfinished projects does not only mean lots of papers, it also means that these papers are accumulating.

Thus, another point to achieve a more efficient office desk is to ensure that every project you’re working with gets done as soon as possible. This will effectively lessen the papers and folders stacked on your desk.

Get yourself a trash can

Yes, you have a trash can under your desk, but are you actually using it? Are you crumpling scratch papers and throwing it on your desk, as well?

Perhaps all office workers are guilty of this. In reality, having a trash can is one effective way to minimize the clutter on your desk. If the one under your desk seems to be too far, you can have a garbage box on your desk instead.

Now that, you know how to deal with a messy office desk, it would be a substantial bonus to let yourself realize its benefits. You read that right, benefits it is. Here’s some of it.

Less stress

Seeing all those folders and papers of unfinished project will just make you feel more loaded. The next thing you know, you’re already over stressed out that you cannot even focus on your work.

With a more organized desk, all the papers will be hidden in drawers and all you’ll see would be the projects you’re actually working with.

Less distraction

Sticky notes, folders and papers of all shapes and sizes – all these can cause visual distraction the moment you start working. To alleviate that problem, just get your desk cleaned.

Throw the unwanted notes away and hide the unused folders and pens.

If you cannot focus on work and can’t show positive output, do you think you will have a likable reputation? Probably, not. And to think that everything started with a messy desk, maybe you actually need to do some cleaning.

  • http://www.effortlesshr.com/blog/ Tanya

    I can’t work well if my desk if messy and cluttered. I am a big fan of throwing things away that aren’t needed. I can’t stand it when I have unneeded papers just sitting on my desk.