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How to Keep Your Password Safe

How to Keep Your Password Safe PhotoThere is no guarantee to anything online especially in keeping your passwords safe for a long period of time. Hackers around the world are brilliant and can be unpredictable.

Last year, a popular dating site called eHarmony was a victim of having their members’ passwords compromised. After a thorough investigation, the site advised their members to reset their passwords as soon as they can.

Additionally, according to Data Breach Investigations Report, more than 280 million records were breached last 2008. This incident is not new as many more breachers are trying to penetrate the world wide web. As for now, the best thing you could do is to know how to keep your passwords secure through some tips below.

Strong password combinations

Your password should be unpredictable. Don’t use simple passwords like “abcde” or “password1”. These are the worst passwords one could make. Creating your passwords in this manner gives hackers an easy way to breach your account.

A strong password may need a combination of lower and uppercase letters, a number and a symbol. Never use your public information as your password like name, nickname, birthday and address. The more peculiar and unique the password is to you, the better.

Password variations

According to statistics, an average user has about 25 online accounts. Using one password on all your accounts online has a greater risk of getting hackers to target you. Users tend to use one combination because they find it hard to remember different passwords. But this is important for your own security.

If you can, try altering your usernames on your important private accounts like banking. For those semi-public accounts, you can have the passwords set differently instead. Whichever way, you will have a lesser chance to be hacked all at once.

Passwords in encrypted form

If remembering different password combinations is hard for you, there are actually a number of password management tools that you can use. These are tools that allow you to save your username and passwords in an encrypted form. Additionally, you can also set your pc to have your hard drive encrypted.

Password change

To be really sure, the safest way to prevent future breach is to change your password often. Yes, this is quite not good to hear but this may be the most effective way. Some online banking accounts even do this for safe transaction purposes. Some accounts may require a password change every 3 months or even lesser than that. Just make sure to remember your password every time.

Being a responsible online user means being protective with regards to your privacy. Passwords are meant to be confidential and there’s no one else who could keep it safe except you.