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How to Keep Your Tax Rebate

How to Keep Your Tax Rebate PhotoWith a good percentage of the country unemployed, saving every little penny counts. This is especially true for those expecting their annual tax rebate this year. Instead of just holding on to your money – you should spend it.

Hear this out for a bit and I’m sure you won’t regret it. Spending your tax rebate is a good thing if you do it wisely. Here are 5 smart things you can do with your tax rebate:

Save for that rainy day

Having enough cash to cover daily living is hard enough as is. This is your opportunity to prioritize your emergency fund. Emergency funds are a must for all households. It will prevent you from taking out fast cash loans that have killer interest rates.

Take the time to learn more about emergency funds and its many benefits. Give yourself the peace of mind and start saving today.

Pay overdue credit card bills

You can’t run away from the bank. They will hound you until your ears bleed. Instead of hiding from the bank and avoiding their calls; settle it once and for all. Some banks are courteous enough to compromise if you face them head on instead of ignoring them.

If you’re lucky, your bank might just forget your other penalty charges in exchange for the full payment of what you owe them, plus some processing fees. It’s only fair since you did benefit from using the bank’s money.

Use that card often

Credit cards are not your enemy. They can actually help you get through the month with cash still in your pocket. The secret here is to keep track of your expenses, all the time. Jot down everything you swiped, so you have a clear idea of how much your bill is going to be in a month’s time.

Also, it won’t hurt to know that you get credit points and rebates from using them. Learn how to manage your credit card rewards and take advantage of it. Take the time to do some credit card research. Different banks offer different incentives and promos. Find the right card that suits your needs and lifestyle.

Pay loans in advance

The sooner you pay your loans the more convenient you become.  Think about it – paying in advance means being loan free in advance. This saves you at least several hundreds of dollars on monthly compounding interest fees.

Give yourself a break

If you’ve done at least half of all those mentioned above; you deserve a pat on the head. Go ahead and treat yourself to something you want. You can have your dream vacation now rather than waiting until you’re too old and grey to enjoy it.

Pay for your vacation with your credit card. Some banks offer promos like travel now, pay later and 0% installment on high spending.

To sum it all up, spending your tax rebate wisely is the best option for you. Don’t let your money sleep. Instead, make it work in your favor. Paying all your dues, loans and bills, is a giant leap to financial stability. Practice smart spending one day at a time and you won’t have to worry about unpaid bills again.