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How to Know if You Have Been Hacked

How to Know if You Have Been Hacked PhotoThe world of social media may offer you privacy, but there are still other individuals who have the ability to access your private files; they are called hackers. Sometimes, the level of intelligence of one person can be measured by how much he/she can explore the world beyond the boundary. For hackers, it is very rewarding to get in to somebody’s account for the sake of taking some important information or just to show the people that someone can penetrate into their accounts without them knowing.

This article will help you determine if your account has been hacked. Different situations and determinants will be presented below to let you know if someone has been trying to access your files.

Password is changed

This is one of the most common determinants that your account has been hacked. Take for example, you tried to log in on Facebook and you noticed that you could no longer do it because there has been a change in the password. The best thing that you can do when this happens is to send a password reset request to your email that is connected to your Facebook account. So long as you know your email and you have a security question made for your account, you will easily retrieve your account.

For other sites, the password may be done differently. All you need to do is to look for instructions that will lead you to the retrieval of your account.

Deleted files

Someone might want to get into your account because they want to delete something very important. You will instantly notice this. The best thing that you can do is to start with retrieval; if your email is hacked, you can check several retrieval options starting from the transfer of file from the trash to your inbox. If you don’t find this step possible, you can seek for the help of a computer expert.

Leaked information

In some occasion, you will determine that you have been hacked when you suddenly see private information posted over the Internet. Women are the usual victims of hacking; there are those who can no longer do anything about their nude photos posted over the Internet.

Access no more

Hackers have the ability to disable programs or files. Sometimes, this is the main reason why they wanted to hack your account. If this happens, you have to seek for the help of someone who can fix the disabled programs.

Prevention is always better

There are many hackers in the world of internet; it is impossible for you to get rid of them. The best thing for you to do stop hacking and secure your private information is to prevent it by keeping your password to yourself, closing the programs that you used before leaving your computer and setting a security question that only you can answer. Be wise and avoid the negative effect of hacking. Preventing hackers from accessing your file is like preventing burglars from entering your house; you need to set a protective program that will not allow them to penetrate.