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How to Live a Frugal Life if You’re Rich

How to Live a Frugal Life if Youre Rich PhotoEven if money is not in your worry list, it is a good thing to be frugal and save some. After all, if you spend it and just throw it out the window, will you be rich long – definitely not.

If you are not sure how you can save some of that nice green, keep reading. Here is a small collection of information to help you out:

Buy Used

Just because something is used, does not mean that it is trash. There are so many items that can be bought that are used. One of the most used items that you can buy is a car. Buying it brand new is just stupid and ridiculous. But whatever floats your boat.

Oh, hey, another item could be a boat. Now why would you buy a brand new vehicle? You can save so much money on these things. They look brand new. Why worry if it isn’t?

I know that people cross the line at used clothing. However, thrift store has hidden treasures. If you do not want to shop at a thrift store, fine, there are stores like Plato’s Closet that you can go to. They will buy your old clothes, and you can purchase different. This is genius.

Check Your Food

I do not mean look at your food; I mean keep your food IN check. Instead of eating out for lunch, buy a loaf of bread and eat sandwiches or buy something cheap. You can even make a big salad cheap! Who couldn’t stand to eat salad for lunch? It is healthy, cheap, and will help keep or get you into shape.

Also, in this same sense, instead of just hitting the drive through, hit the coupon book first. See who has deals going on before you spend ten dollars on one meal. You can usually find coupons that will save a few dollars.

Get Rid of the Gym

I know you want to stay fit. There are other things that you can do. Do you have a toddler? They make a perfect dumbbell, and you can have fun with them at the same time. Don’t laugh; moms do it all of the time. Instead of a treadmill, you guessed, use your block.

Visit the Library

Some people tend to buy movies so often that some movie do not even get opened. That makes no sense at all. If you get a library card, you can read books there instead of buying them.

Wait, that is not all. The library also has movies that you can rent and take back. There are documentaries, teaching videos, and even new releases that are for entertainment.

Another perk to having a library card is being able to use the computer. You can go to the library and reread this article there. Ok, I know you probably won’t, but I tried. Either way, if you are not an avid computer user, then you can surf the internet there for an hour at a time.