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How to Live a Simple Life


Do you remember how it is to live simply? Do you remember waking up and being happy is the only thing to do?

For most of us, that time was when we were children. Those times, we only wanted what we needed.

To a happy few however, being contented is almost everyday.

What could be their secret to living simple happy lives? Is it even possible to be happy while living simply?

Here are common denominators shared by ordinary people who live simply. I too would be eager to try them all out.

1. Be happy with what you have

Are you happy with the kind of life you have now? Do you love the things you possess today?

Most of us think they’d be happier if they’re richer. I’d certainly do too.

Researchers however found out rich people aren’t as happy as we imagined them to be. They say:

The belief that high income is associated with good mood is widespread but mostly illusory…”

According to the source article, rich people worry more. They spend more time at work. They spend LESS time relaxing.

Reading inspirational stories, I gathered that being contented leads to happiness. Being contented though needs practicing and realizing. Example

  • Your cell phone is working perfectly well. Do not buy a new one just because it’s an old model. Instead, see the beauty in that thing you have.
  • All your friends bought new laptops. You don’t have to buy a new one. Envy is always unhealthy.

2. Spend less

To live a simple life, one has to spend less. Ask yourself if you need it before buying.

Like $4.50 lattes, do you think you need them? It’s an extravagance when you think about it, don’t you?

Spending less and within your means makes life simpler. It saves your from guilt and worrying and pressure.

Among the confessions I’ve read, many found simplicity spending less on:

  • Clothes
  • Dining out
  • Night outs
  • Liquor
  • Starbucks

3. Clear space up

Want to make extra cash while simplifying your life? Have a yard sale!

Getting rid of those stuff will make you say, hey, why did I buy those things? I didn’t really need them.

Clearing and cleaning out makes things uncomplicated. Everything becomes simple. It’s just the way we want it.

4. Let go of luxuries

Wow, even Jamie Lee Curtis is a fan of simple living now. In an interview about how she lives, the actress stated she didn’t need lavishness. She’s given away her jewelry too because she doesn’t wear them.

You must admit wanting extravagant things only complicates life. Sometimes, people even get into debt because of that.

5. Budgeting

Don’t you just hate feeling pressured with bills? Why don’t we do something about that? I suggest budgeting.

It may seem boring and unhelpful at first but believe me budgeting works. Planning out how and when to spend is great. It’s a perfect way to uncomplicated life at home.

6. Fix your schedule

Are you the panicky type when deadlines approach? Isn’t it time you did something to fix that? Simplify you schedule, man.

Doing so will relieve stress at work. Doing so will allow you to show how good you are.

  • List things to be done the night before
  • Wake up early
  • Do the work that needs most attention
  • Have short breaks only
  • Provide a time frame for tasks

7. Cook quick meals

Do you spend more time cooking food than eating it? Try it the other way around. I swear it’ be more pleasurable.

Simplifying how you eat will make you feel good. Try these ideas:

  • Eat more fresh fruits. They need no cooking
  • Eat more vegetables. They need less time preparing
  • Eat oatmeal. It’s easy to prepare and known to decrease cholesterol.