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How to Live on Nothing

How to Live on Nothing Photo


If you think that living practically on nothing is next to impossible, better think again. Reality-check, living on nothing is quite achievable, but of course that depends on every individual.

If you’re optimistic and knows how to handle all sorts of dilemmas, then this is just a piece of cake for you. However if you’re someone who is doubtful then you will be needing this article. Read along and be enlightened upon discovering tips on how to live on almost nothing.

Decide what you want in life

Sitting and waiting for someone to help you won’t change anything. Walking and pretending to be a homeless person also won’t make a change. But standing despite the situation and looking for a source of living will help you cross that creaky bridge.

In order to do this, you should know what you want from life. Start with minimal dreams such as small kinds of jobs. From there, slowly but surely make your way to the top. This is a long process but it’s a stable action to do.

Eliminate excess things

While waiting for that “You are hired. Please report tomorrow” call, you can earn a couple of dollars by selling your excess stuff. From old books, to gadgets that will just increase your electric bill, all these can help sustain your next few days while waiting for your first regular salary.

No-cost housing

Because this is an article about living on nothing, let’s assume you also don’t have your own house. The perfect solution is to check no-cost housing. Contact some real estate companies and ask if they have clients who need caretakers. Most rich people have 2 or more houses and having someone to care for it and maintain its cleanliness is a must. If you don’t have kids then this is the best solution to your shelter problem.

Free travel; go see the world

If you own an impeccable driver’s record then you can be an instant next-level delivery boy. Drive cars and deliver goods and papers to other places while someone deals with all the payment including your gas and motel accommodation along the way. There are also some couriers who will pay your round trip fare just for carrying pertinent documents to any distant parts of the world. If you can speak more than one language then that’s a plus since you can offer local translation services as well.

Be strict on your budget

Once you start earning, it’s typical that you start with a small amount. That is why you have to be frugal when it comes to budgeting and spending. You don’t have to get yourself hungry, just be sure to save as much as you can. Saving up for a small house from a small income can be difficult, but with enough persistence this is truly possible.

Grow your own

Many people are too accustomed to shopping and eating out. How can you do this if you’re living on nothing? To make massive changes, you can grow your own veggies, cook it and shower it with your own pixie dust. Sooner or later you’ll just realize you’re already a good cook.

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