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How to Live Without a Car

How to Live Without a Car PhotoFor most individuals, owning a car is just as vital as owning a house. With all the benefits it can give, indeed it can be considered as a must for every household. However, a car also calls for a long list of expenditures. That is why many people today are willing to learn how to live without a car.

Probably you opened this article because you’re one of them. If that’s the case, better read along.

Make a list of benefits

If you’re used to driving around on four wheels, adjusting may be difficult. That is why you need to have a motivation to keep you going. A list of without-a-car-benefits can serve as your number one motivation. This list should be composed of the positive effects of living without a car.

Here is some of it that you might want to consider.

  • No need for a car insurance
  • Not dealing with traffic
  • Less ozone layer destruction
  • Car gas can be slashed off on a monthly budget
  • No parking fees
  • No maintenance and repair fees

Don’t sell your car

If you already own a car, you don’t have to sell it just to justify that you’re already living without it. You can still keep it in the garage, use it once in a while and clarify that it’s only for emergency uses. Through this, you won’t have to adjust too much.

This is a stress to people who have an extreme passion for cars but wants to lessen their monthly costs.

Opt for public transportation

Walking is not the only answer when talking about living without a car. You can use public transportation such as bus, cabs and trains. Research for special fare rates, as well as better routes that you may not know about. Through this, you don’t have to spend much time with traffic.

You can also substitute your car with a bike. Biking is one exercise that will help improve your health condition and spare you from spending much.

Early planning

Because you’ll use the public transportation, everything should be well planned. You can’t say “I’ll be there in five minutes” anymore because you can’t demand the cab driver to go speedily.

Be sure that you have enough knowledge with the weather as well. A weather app on your mobile phone will be of great help.

Learn more about simplicity

The last and final tip is to learn more about simplicity. This will make things easier for you. Instead of thinking about showing off, you can just focus on living a typical life and showing others how happy it can get. Simplicity will allow you to adjust in no time.

Living without a car is indeed a monumental change, especially if you have kids that are used to those cozy seats and safe travel. However, it also has a fair share of advantages. With the economic crisis today, it’s just right to learn how you can reduce your monthly costs and save up more cash. Try these tips and give yourself and your family a month or two to adjust fully. You will surely find more benefits once everything’s settled.