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How to Look and Feel Happy

How to Look and Feel Happy PhotoBeing happy is a choice. One scripture says: “A cheerful heart is a good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bone”. Certain situations can drive a person to different kinds of emotions. In tough times, it is hard to look and feel happy, but many people refused to be affected by situations for them to be in control of everything.

Here are some things to remember to maintain how to look and feel happy:

Choose the right decision

In tough times, a normal person can just react according to the situation, but a person who has a quiet spirit allows himself to pause and think.

  • Do not let yourself be driven by impulse. Relax and see whether there’s a need to panic.
  • Take time to think and ponder. Ask yourself how you would handle the situation.
  • Decide whether there’s a need to react or not. Consult your inner being. Think twice before taking appropriate actions. Be aware of your surroundings. You might be the one overreacting.
  • Calm down, and wear a smile.

Choose to smile rather than frown

“Smiling illuminates wrinkles” as they say. If you feel something unpleasant inside, never hurdle it, just let it go. As you smile, it lightens up your emotion, and it brings healing inside and causes you to smile. Frowning darkens your facial appearance. No matter how hard the situation may be, it is still good to smile.

Have a positive attitude

Being positive changes everything. A positive thinking person will always find any reasons to smile. Never entertain ugly matters like gossips and frustration. It will only add spice to the wound.

Associate with people who has good vibes

Being influenced by others is not a terrible thing to happen as long as it is for good. Do not associate with people who have ugly matters in mind always.

Be healthy

Having a healthy lifestyle makes you look good and feel happy.

  • Have a good sleep and complete rest. It makes a person feel sound and relax. It stimulates our brain to produce the happy appearance.
  • Restlessness makes you feel uneasy and weak; you need to exert a lot of effort to move normally.
  • Eat a balanced diet. Eating fruits and vegetables will make you look glowing. Knowing that you are in good shape is a happy factor.
  • Bathe daily. Taking a bath on a daily basis makes a person think so quickly, have a smart look, and feel fresh always.

Inspire yourself

Make ordinary things inspiring. People might think you have a shallow joy, but never mind them; they have nothing to do with you.

Release yourself from Stress

Stress won‘t only make you feel sick, but it makes you look old and rugged.

No matter how you make yourself look happy if your life is full of stress, it will still manifest on your face and actions, so run away from stress. Never allow yourself to be entangled by a stressful thing like vices, alcohol and multiple stress things. Stay being happy and look great.