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How to Look Professional

How to Look Professional PhotoSometimes, having “the look” alone may either make or break a deal. Whether it be during job interviews, or when pitching a new idea to clients or to top management, it is important for us to always look our best especially when a lot is on the line. Here are some tips on how to look professional so you can easily catch the attention of the people you are doing business with and, would hopefully make easier for you to close the deal.

The basics

Of course, it would always be recommended to have good and clean hygiene. Have your hair cleaned and properly styled. Make sure that your nails are neatly clipped, and it would not hurt to splash on some cologne. Facial hair must be trimmed accordingly, and always make sure that you do not look like you’ve just been out of bed.

Watch what you wear

You don’t have to wear expensive clothing to look professional. You just have to make sure that you are dressed neatly and appropriately for the job or for the meeting. Make sure that your shirt and pants are properly ironed and that your shoes are properly cleaned. It’s also recommended that you invest in a set of two of good corporate attire for those special occasions.

Confidence is a must

No matter how good you look, you must have the confidence to watch whatever it is that you are wearing. Always meet a person with a firm handshake, a nice smile, and look them in the eyes when they are talking. Also, avoid fidgeting or playing with your hands when conversing with other people as you would appear awkward or uncomfortable with the situation. It would also help to practice your lines in front of the mirror so that your words would seem natural and not forced.

Be courteous always

Always say “Please” and “Thank you”. Observer proper courtesies and learn local customs especially when dealing with foreigners. Don’t interrupt people when they are speaking and do not answer phones when meeting with other people unless it is an emergency. Courtesy goes a long way towards presenting you as a very professional individual.

Follow these tips and you will look like a professional in no time. Being professional will result in people respecting you more both as a potential partner or client as well as an individual. Practice these tips until it becomes a habit, and see just how much your professional career would improve.