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How to Look Rich

How to Look Rich Photo


Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Do you want to look respectable and honorable? Do you want people to look up to you? If so, then there’s only one thing you want – to look rich. There’s nothing wrong with longing to appear like a rich person. This is not a negative thing, unlike what other people may think. Wanting to look rich is just somewhat the same with wanting to look neat.

Rich individuals are known to appear neat and clean all the time, regardless of the weather, the time and the clothes they’re wearing. If you think you have to change your wardrobe to do so, better think again. Looking rich may call for a bit of shopping but aside from that, there are also some handy tips that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Have a good hygiene

Looking rich doesn’t mean you have to wear expensive clothes. It all starts with a good hygiene. If you have a beard or mustache, make it a habit to shave it regularly. You should also keep your finger and toe nails well cleaned and properly trimmed. Brush, floss and use mouthwash every day. And the most important of call, take a bath daily, because you cannot always rely on perfumes.

Be sure to manage your trendy look

Since our hair is our crowning glory, its just typical for us to have the trendy haircut we want. One of the most common would be the messed up bedroom look. This is perfect for ladies to wow guys and vice versa. Although it’s a messed up look, you can still appear elegant and rich with it.

Right clothes should do it

Never fail to choose the right clothes. If you’re going to a typical working day, be sure to wear the clothes that match your job. If you’re an office worker then wearing corporate attire would be perfect. You don’t have to purchase expensive clothes, because everything depends on the style and your attitude on how you wear it. If a certain dress or suit doesn’t look good on you then face it, you just can’t wear that. Sometimes, there are certain clothes that we love but don’t look good for us.

Check the weather

As much as you want to make use of the new trench coat you purchased, it just can’t be if the weather is hot. Well, unless you want to look like a wet chick. Be sure to wear clothes that would match the weather. If you want to bring a jacket or coat, be sure that it matches your current attire.

Attitude is a must

You may not realize it but your attitude has a big role in looking rich. If you act like a hungry pig in a restaurant you surely won’t look rich even if you’re wearing a Ralph Lauren top. Being too over acting and trying hard to appear rich is also a no-no. Learn how to balance everything and learn the proper etiquette. And that should do it.