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How to Lower Your Property Taxes

How to Lower Your Property Taxes PhotoMost homeowners consider property tax as a burdensome matter. It tends to arise regularly and even if the mortgage payment is already over, property tax is still there. For most people, this is not something noticeable.

However for the meticulous ones, a change in property tax is something that calls for immediate action. This is a stress to those who didn’t do anything that can cause the tax to increase.

If you’re of these meticulous individuals, then you’re on the right article. Read along and discover helpful tips that can help lower your property tax bills.

Know the process

Getting a good dose of knowledge has always been the initial step. Every town has a different way of assessing a property. That is why it’s highly advisable to contact the assessor of your area. You can visit the assessor’s office to seek further help. Consultation is usually free, but for a more in depth lecture, you can hire a professional.

You should also have a better understanding on how math stuff about property taxes.

Obtain a property card

Next would be to get a copy of your property card. This can also be obtained at your local assessor’s office. A property card is a compilation of all the information that the assessor has about your house. Such information includes the following:

  • Number of bedrooms
  • Number of baths
  • Lot size
  • Square footage

By having a copy of the property card, you’ll be able to determine if there are mistakes about your house. Any mistake on it will either increase of decrease your property tax.

Refrain from building

Home improvement of any type can increase your property tax. Adding a deck, improving the landscape or curb appeal, having a large shed or even a pool will surely increase your tax more than you expected.

Instead, it’s highly advisable to consult experts to know what kind of changes you can do that will not affect your property tax. Often times, minimal improvement is allowed.

Talk to your neighbors

Often times, problems with property taxes can be solved easily once you open it up with your neighbors. Comparing homes in your areas are of considerable help, to find any discrepancies, and starting off with your neighbors is a stable step.

For example, you have a 3-bedroom house and a single-car garage that was assessed at $300,00.00. Your neighbor, on the other hand, has a 4-bedroom house with a swimming pool and a single-car garage that was assessed at only $230,000. Because it is obviously unfair, you can discuss it with your local assessor.

Paying the tax is indeed our responsibility. Nevertheless, we should also assure that we’re paying the right amount. Because of the economic problem most countries experiencing today, many are also being more meticulous on every kind of tax they pay. This is where tips like this come in handy. By following it, you will not only lower your property tax. More to that, you will also have the peace of mind that the entire process was done smoothly.