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How to Make a Retirement Scrapbook

How to Make a Retirement Scrapbook PhotoLife is exciting if a person is retiring; all the experiences and memories become his treasures. It is easy to recall when all those memories will be properly handled. There are many ways to keep the memories of your working period alive.One is to make a Retirement Scrapbook.Here are some easy ways to make it even more compelling:

Gather as many details as you can

  • Talk to people who you think know many stories about your career. The best person to ask about would be your superior and your close friend.
  • Ask your previous employer to give you some copies of their photos and videos including music. For sure they are the ones who have the most copies for their documentation.
  • Send in e-mails and connect. Contact your friends, family members and coworkers asking them to send you all their copies of your pictures and videos and other stories they have, related to your working period. People around you may have the best stolen photos and memorabilia with them.
  • You may request them to put a caption for you to recall easily. Most of the time other people around you are the best people to ask because they have the best words to say.

Organize all the material needed

  • With videos and photos in your hand, you can do it sequentially
  • Put details in every piece you gather, the more info you put, the more captivating your scrapbook would be.
  • Highlight every significant event of your life with your career that made it more appealing.
  • Combine and evaluate. As you place all the details on your disk, start sorting, which one should come first. As you evaluate all the materials, decide and seek others opinion.

Start Putting your Materials

  • On the Front page, make it as your Title page.  You can put your picture, which you consider the best and the most beautiful one. Categorize it as “The Most Hard Working Man”, or it can be “The Best Employee of…” or any fancy words you can use to make it funny and entertaining. Also included with it would be the company you worked with.
  • On the succeeding pages, photos showing different emotions can be categorized according to the feelings shown. It can be “Funny moments” “Hard Works” and so on. Write some backgrounds on how your career started. Don’t forget to include some influential persons that made your career more enjoying.
  • Fill the Middle page with the information you’ve gathered from your friends and other contributors.
  • Achievements and awards, if any, would be one of the highlights of your scrapbook.
  • On the last page would be your acknowledgement and gratitude to the people who made your career brighter and more challenging.

To make your scrapbook more fascinating, you can add beautiful stickers and laces. You can also use scented materials. It is best if you would provide a pocket page which would contain those videos would be placed.