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How to Make a Unique Username

How to Make a Unique Username Photo

Making a unique username for your website or social networking account should be something that is easy to remember. Yet, even choosing the most simple words could be owned by anybody else – leaving you with a hollow brain on deciding what username to use.

According to the Internet World Stats, as of June 30, 2012, there have been about 2 billion online internet users. Majority, if not all of them needs at least one username to be able to log in to different sites. At least for one site, usernames cannot be repeated.

Making a unique username is important especially that online hacking is rampant nowadays. A traceable username with an easy password is usually the targets of these hackers. They may invade you

r privacy and use it against you.

So how do you make unique usernames? Here are some tips below.

Shuffle your name

Using your own name as a username is the most convenient way to makeone. Yet, your name could be someone else’s name. You are lucky if you think you have a very unique name. Your parents must have exerted much effort thinking of your name before you were born.

If you have two names like Christina Marie or Anne Millicent, you can combine your two names as one to be your username such as christinamarie or annemillicent. If that username exists, then you can include the first 4 letters of your family name too. Example would be Christina Marie Wilsonchristinamariewils.

You can also use it vice versa. Instead of christinamarie, try using mariechristina or chrismarietina. In this way, there is a lesser chance someone might have that name used.

Weird word combinations

Try combining words that aren’t made to be compounded. Choose words that are easily remembered by you. It may sound weird and funny but it would be a great way to have no such username that exists. Here are some below.

  • belly + frog = bellyfrog
  • blue + feet = bluefeet
  • twisted + sunshine = twistedsunshine

Though these usernames might not be applicable for corporate types of websites. You can use these for sites that are not so important to you.

A word that describes you

List down your interests and likes, dislikes, hobby and everything that has an impact on your life. You can be a little creative with this. You can make a compound word out of the words you think might be good to hear. Here are some examples:

  • Interests: cakes, blogging, carnival, puppy = carnivalpuppy, carnivalcakes, cakesandblogging
  • Dislikes: dark, clowns, stinky, bats = darkbats, stinkyclown, stinkybats
  • Hobby: cycling, writing, cooking, sleeping = thecyclingwriter, thesleepycook, mrcyclist

You can be as creative as you want in your username. You can add, Mr., Miss, the, and a before your username to make it more sound like you.

Username generators

If all else fails and you are too lazy to think of a username, try using a username generator instead. There are a lot of sites that cater to these kind of generators. Just click go and you will have a list of endless usernames to choose from.

Creating a unique username is not that hard to do. All you need is a little creativity and you’re set to go.