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How to Make a Sales Call

How to Make a Sales Call PhotoDoing your first sales call as a sales agent may be hard and challenging. Even if you feel you have that skill to being one, nervousness and a feeling of the unknown would always prevail. Well, that’s normal since the fear of failure is inevitable like how every other sales guy feel.

In fact according to Outbound Excellence, 64% of the sales people fail not because they do not know how to sell, but because they are doing it wrong. So know the right technique to make an effective sales call for you to belong to the 36 percent.

Build rapport to clients

Trust is a very important factor in engaging communication with potential buyers. Make a research of who your clients are prior to making the call. Get details on what kind of business or organization they have. Study how your products can be beneficial for them. When you catch their attention because you said something they can relate of, you are almost sure they understand you and not just listen to you.

Be brief and concise

Most clients hate sales calls because it eats up their busy schedules. Keep in mind that your clients have jobs to attend too and not just you. If possible, make a call for at most 10 minutes. Remember that your first 1 minute is the most crucial part of making an effective call. If you don’t get your client’s heart within your first few words, you are less likely to succeed on your first try.

Cut the sales pitch

Clients know when you talk to sell and when you are not. They probably have heard hundreds of sales agents like you so cut down your sales pitch. Don’t hype up too much about how good and unique your products are. Instead, make clients understand the value of the product they are about to buy. Make sure they get something more out from you than you out from them.

Learn to handle objections

If a client objects, your job is to listen. Do not make assumptions and never cut him when he questions. Always acknowledge his objections first before you say something in return. You may start a reply by saying, “I understand your concern Mr. Davis,” or “I know how you feel about this,” In this way, your client feels that you actually welcome him rather than just defend your side as a sales agent.

Ask the right questions

Being a sales person, you have the option to ask your clients on what they think about your products. Don’t play guessing game with them. In this way, you would know if there’s a chance for you to call back.

Also, try to use some pressure sales. Do not ask clients when you can call back. Rather, let clients choose a time frame to when you can call back. Instead of saying “Can I call you back?” ask, “Can I call you back on Wednesday or Friday?” In this statement, your client has two options. If he’s not okay between the two, then he’ll probably be the one to set the date.

Have a good closing

Once you are done with your call, always say the golden word “thank you”. Thank clients for giving you their time. There is no better way than to tell it with sincerity. Most clients can make a buying decision sometimes through emotions.

Persistence in follow up

Seldom can someone close a sale on the first call. If you do, then you are lucky. If you ask the right questions as to when you can call back, you would likely have more conversations with the same client again. So never fail to follow-up. According to studies, it is between the third and fifth follow-up when a sale occurs.

Working in sales is a very fun field. Handling different kinds of people is quite tough but you always get something to learn from it every time. Practice and practice until you master that skill to sell on your first call.