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How to Make Friends at Work

How to Make Friends at Work PhotoIt’s your first day at work, and you’re hyped. But suddenly, you realize you don’t know anyone from the office. If you don’t step up and make a move now, it might be harder for you to make friends later.

Having friends at work means having people you can ask for help or clarification, people who understand your troubles at work, and basically, have a larger network.

If you’re ready to step out of your shell, here are 5 certified ways of making friends at work:

Bring food to share

They say the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well, this works for women, too. Try to bring food that you and your work mates can share during breakfast, lunch or at breaks.

If you love to cook, then you can whip up your famous recipe and serve it. If you’re not into cooking, you can just buy breakfast bread or small snacks. This will be a great venue for starting a conversation with your office mates.

Visit this website for more food ideas.

Be approachable

Come to work with a smile. Greet everyone you meet with a cheerful ‘Good morning’. These small things can make your aura seem approachable and happy. You don’t need to talk to everyone you pass by in the office, or even the person in the next cubicle.

If you keep this happy aura, your office mates will appreciate it, and they’ll start the conversation for you. It’s also a great way to make the atmosphere in the office lighter.

Join social events, big or small

It’s never fun to eat alone, except perhaps for the loner. If you are the latter, try to join your office mates during lunch or at breaks. You don’t necessarily have to start or join the conversation, if you’re still quite the shy guy.

Listen, laugh at the right times, nod a little, and just listen. When you’re more comfortable with the crowd, you can hop into the conversation. Or better yet, your work mates would include you themselves.


Be very careful with this step. Too much volunteering could possibly annoy your office mates and make you seem like a suck-up. If anyone needs help and you’re not doing anything, offer a hand. If you think you can handle more work, go and offer.

Just don’t bite off more than you can chew. The bosses love an eager beaver, but your work mates might not.

Be sincere

In everything you do, be sincere and honest. If you don’t feel like greeting anyone a good morning, a small smile could suffice. You don’t need to put on a mask in the office.

An honest nod or small smile is better appreciated than fake smiles, fake laughter and a fake attitude.

Being sociable in the office is a win-win situation for you. You gain friends in the process, and it could help you with your people skills. People at your workplace are only too happy to extend their help and knowledge to their peers. You only need to break out of your shell and take initiative.