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How to Make Money as a DJ

How to Make Money as a DJ PhotoAre you a DJ in a local radio station in your community? Seems like, your fan club is growing too large? Cool right? Yet, being a DJ is more of a hobby than a job for some people who do it voluntarily. And the radio is earning more than you do.

So want to make money with such a fantastic talent on air?

Here are some ways for you to get the best out of it.

Advertise yourself

First of all, you need to be known for you to get clients and offers. Make use of flyers, cards, bookmarks, and posters advertising your resume, contact number and address. This is the best way for you to be recognized by potential employers.

Some ways to  prove your talent could be through sample recordings or inviting them to listen to your programs.

Go for extras

Your voice is your resource in making money. With it, you could get paid hosting in conventions, weddings, pageants, disco clubs, or elections. No more second thoughts or any hesitations. Jump on the opportunity as it comes to you.  You must know that in doing so is another way of making yourself known.

Get an agent and tell him to set you up for parties, and keep him satisfied by making good deals for his services. Get the lowest percentage you possibly can so he would most likely pick you.

Do the remix

Most DJs are exposed in mixing pop songs, discos, and RNB. If you can do a live mix, then that could be another source for you to get known for. There are always people looking for some audio production, from dance groups to businesses.

Make your services available for a variety of events and you are bound to get more work.

Advertise for others

At the beginning of this article, you are told to advertise yourself to promote yourself, this time get your talent to do TV ads to advertise products and services. Most advertising companies prefer to hire DJ’s as narrator or announcer. Send them a recording or a CD copy of your sample.

Be with Dubbing

The entertainment industry becomes more and more innovative until the idea of dubbing goes with music. To make yourself easily commended, make use of the radio station where you work to do the art. Harness it every time and arrive with samples. Let it be heard on air as you do the remix in your programs for it to attract seekers.

Join the club

DJing in a nightclub is truly an exhausting money making source and you are faced with a lot of challenges as you have to befriend yourself with controllers and laptops. But once you’ve mastered the gig, it can be an extreme  money making industry and promotion for you to work outside and experience out of town night clubbing.

According to Forbes, Electronic Cash King has been known as the world’s highest paid DJ whose work is controlling disks in clubs, dance production, and disco. And maybe, who knows? With your perseverance, you’ll be ranked next to this DJ millionaire one day.