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How to Make Money for Charity as a Kid

How to Make Money for Charity as a Kid PhotoOne is never too young to help. If you have kids that have a heart to serve and help, or you know some kids who want to raise money for others, don’t discourage them. Praise them for their sweet act, and help them organize a fundraiser.

Things to help them with

Help them have a SMART goal

In any activity, it’s best to lay down the goals first before planning anything else. Ask the kids what amount they specifically want to raise, and then make sure it’s attainable, realistic and time-bound. It’s a perfect venue for the kids to start goal-setting early in their lives.

Help them pick a charity or a group of people to help

Whether it’s a local charity group, an orphanage or victims of a natural disaster, help the kids decide what happens to their money. Will they give it as cash or will they use the money to buy equipment or food? Give suggestions, but don’t boss them around. It’s their project, after all.

Develop a plan and assign work

What’s great about kids is that it won’t be hard assigning work to them. Help them create a plan and designate the work equally.

It’s actually fun to help kids organize fundraisers. Aside from having better relationships with them, you’re also honing their character and future lifestyle. Once you’re done with goal-setting and planning, you’re set to go out and make some money.

Fundraising ideas kids would love

Concert for a Cause

Kids love to perform and showcase their talents. A charity concert will be perfect for these kids. This may require lots of planning and could take some time to develop, but the returns are always big. Parents and relatives love watching their kids perform, too, so you don’t have to worry about the audience turn-out.

Classic Bake Sale/Food Sale

This is one of the easiest to organize among fundraising ideas. All you need is a kitchen or capital to buy snacks that the kids could sell. Compared to the concert, however, a bake sale is less sure to get returns than a concert. But, it’s been working for years, so maybe it would still work until now.


You’ll need a little capital or starting money for this, but this is one of the popular ways to raise funds these days. You can buy bulk orders of wristbands, or you can let the kids explore their creativity and make homemade bracelets and bead bands to sell. You can either set up a booth for this, or organize a door-to-door in your neighborhood. Just remember to always have an adult supervise their activity.

Creativity Wall

This doesn’t generate much money, but it’s still fun to have it at school fairs or community activities. The concept is simple: you have a “wall” – technically a huge blank page – and kids and people could draw or write anything on it for a price. The bigger the drawing, the bigger space needed, the higher the price, and so on. It’s a fun activity that the entire family can participate in, plus it showcases the kids’ creativity.

Seeing kids helping out others is truly a wondrous sight. If they have this much passion at such a young age, what more could they do for the world when they’re older? Nurture this gift, and help them help others. Organizing charities is always enjoyable and leaves you with a sense of fulfillment.