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How to Make Money on Fiverr

How to Make Money on Fiverr Photo

Making money on the internet has never been easy. All you need is a skill that other people need. Sites like Fiverr.com make it possible for you to meet client who will pay for the service.

On Fiverr.com, the price of your service should ideally not cost more than $5. Here are different ways to make money on fiverr.com.

1. Language Teaching Lessons

There is always someone who wants to learn a new language or at least its few words. At $5, you can teach people your language for about 20 to 30 minutes.

All you need is a computer and Skype; the client will pay you via Fiverr.com.

2. Language Proficiency Lessons

There are some people who have learned a new language and can speak it. However, they rarely use it because there are no good speakers around.

Such people will pay you so that they can practice their language skills by talking to you.

3. Financial Planning

As a financial planner on Fiverr.com, you earn money by advising people on how to handle their finances.  A client will explain to you the problems they are facing their finances and you will advise them.

To provide this service, some clients may require you to have a background in finance.

4. Counseling

Counseling sells because humans are not perfect and they will always have issues in life. Your job as a counselor is to advice people on how to cope with their problem.

Many people now prefer to be counseled online since the cost is low. However, you will need to be a counselor and provide quality services.

5. Creating Portraits or Cartoons

A client sends you their photo or that of their friend, your job is to draw it or make it a cartoon and then send it back.

6. CV or Resume Writing

You will be amazed how many people want to spice up their resumes. In fact, others do not even know how to write one in the first place. Your job will be to create or spice up a resume using the details provided by the client and earn your 5 dollars.

7. Article Writing

Article writing is big on all freelancing sites including Fiverr.com.  Most of the articles are posted on different sites by clients in attempts to SEO their websites.

So long as you are a good writer, you will never lack articles to write on Fiverr.  For $5 most good average writers will write not more than 500 words.

8. Legal Advice

The law governs all aspects of your life and most people would want to be on the safe side of the law. For this reason, clients all over the world are will to pay you $5 over and over for legal services.

In general, most clients will need you to be in their country so as to provide them with precise legal services. Needless to say, most buyers will need to prove that you are qualified to offer legal services.

9. Making Funny Videos

So long as you have a camera and are creative, there are people willing to pay you to make funny videos.

In short, almost any service can be sold at fiverr.com; all you have to do inform people that you can do it.