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How to Make Money Online as a Teenager

How to Make Money Online as a Teenager PhotoNeed some cash while on vacation? Or just need cash to buy another crappy game? Instead of selling lemonade at the front of your house, try these online jobs.

Paid to click

This is one of the most popular, no-brainer ways to earn a few cents. Here, you’re paid to click ads, banners, and links.


If you’re the geeky programmer type, then this job will make you rich.

Many people in the internet look for others who can make them specific programs and applications. Usually they require it to be coded in languages like Java, Drupal, etc.

This job pays a hefty sum of money.


Magazines, online newspapers and blogs – they require writers to keep them going.

Usually they’ll just give you a topic or title of the article and it’s up to you to research on it and write an article about it.


This is basically buy-and-sell business. You look for items that are dirt cheap but still sellable. You buy them and resell them at a higher price.

Start by selling small items until you get the gist of the trade. Follow trends of what’s hot and what’s not item so you’ll know people are looking for.

SEO services

Search engine optimization skills have really high demand nowadays. People with commercial blogs and websites are looking for people with this skill.

If you know how to get sites indexed or at the top of the search results list, they you’re up to this kind of job.

Paid surveys

These ones look like scam because it’s relatively easy money. You just have to search for a credible client that really pays. For real.

Forum posting

Some clients pay people to post in various forums for them.

New forums have a hard time generating traffic. If people see a lot of posts are already in there, they would probably visit your forum more since it looks active.

That’s where you come in as a forum poster. You’ll get money for posting on these forums.

Sell on eBay

Instead of dumping unwanted items, sell them to make money.

Online auctions like eBay allow you to post an item you want to sell for a small fee.


You can find tons of classified ads here. From selling items to selling services, you can post your ads here of what you’re offering. Either sell items or sell your skills.


Promoting products through your videos could be a source of extra money.

You can place your affiliate link in your video and get commission for each sale generated from clicking your link.

WordPress design

If you have your own blog in WordPress, probably you have customized your site with all those fancy colors and elegant designs.

Good news is, you can make money out of this activity.

Many for-profit bloggers look for others to write for their site. You can get started with this.

Or look for those people with lots of cash but don’t have the time (or patience) to do the set-up for them. You can get paid for designing their site and setting it up the way they want.

Affiliate marketing

In affiliate marketing, you get paid for promoting products or services online. For example, you sign up with a company to promote their products in your website or blog. You get paid for each visitor of your site that decides to purchase the product you are promoting.

Just provide your link anywhere possible – videos, tweets, Facebook status, forums – the choice is yours.

Stock photography

Love getting photos of everything you encounter? Then try posting it on stock photo sites to get some money.

You get a small amount of money if someone downloads your uploaded picture.

Flipping websites

If you know some HTML and CSS, this can get you decent money if you know the tricks of the trade.

It’s basically buy-and-sell for websites. You buy readily made websites, you tweak them a little, and then you resell them.

Web design

If you have an artistic mind, you can start designing mock-ups for websites. If you have decent skills in photo editing, that’s a plus.

Web designing pays a good amount of cash, so start creating your own designs now!

These are just a few and there are a lot more other ways you can make money in the internet.

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    Small business in online can be conducted in different ways.Paid to click,Youtube business,designing,plugins making these are the small project.One can easily earn money from this source of project.E-bay marketing from one country to another can also be a good service.A small effort in online business make you succeed.