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How to Make Money Recycling

Recycle bins


It is true that there’s treasure in garbage. Others might find your stack of scratch papers usable for their art projects. Similarly, some foundations might be delighted with your PET bottles.

There are several ways to make money from recycling unwanted things or even junk materials. Here are some ideas to consider:

Make your own piece of art

Let your creative side help you make money. Transform used, thrown or unwanted materials into something valuable. Craft something new from recycled materials and sell your creations for a good price.

Many people make a living by selling handcrafted things from salvaged materials. There are those who use tetra packs to create bags and purses; sculptures from discarded metal alloys; and, house decors from scratch papers.

The best deal is you don’t need to have a hefty amount of money for capital. Raw materials can be collected anywhere there’s trash and almost always for free. You might need to buy some materials like scrap metals though, depending on your plans.

The possibilities are endless. The only investment needed you need is your creativity.


If you know your way around repairing electronics, then you could make some money out of buying these broken things.

Look for those who are selling broken cellphones, TV sets, radios, rice cookers or any other appliance or gadget you have knowledge repairing. You can buy them for very cheap prices and even some for free. Repair broken and missing components; refurbish it to make it look new. Then sell it for a price higher than it cost you to make the thing work again.

Garage sale

Put up a small bazaar in your own yard and start selling anything you want to get rid of. Display your old but still wearable clothes, old furniture and unused kitchenware. Sell them instead of letting them rot in the basement.

Even damaged or defective goods can still sell for some bucks. Some of your neighbors might find your goods useable. Your old or broken appliances might also attract a passerby who makes profit out of refurbishing things.

Sell it on eBay

Online auctions like eBay are great places to dispose unwanted possessions. If you can’t do a yard sale, you can just post your goods online and start looking for potential buyers.

Recycling centers

Many local centers and junk shops specialize in recycling certain materials. Some exclusively buy metal alloys or glassware and some only buy papers. There are those however, that are versatile and take any kind of junk material you can give.

Sell them your pile of old newspapers, plastic or glass bottles (even those broken to pieces), wood, metal, electronics or anything under the sun. Just check what centers near you take for recycling.

Online rewards

Look for websites that will take your rubbish for something in return. Most of them give some sort of rewards points and gift certificates instead of cash. The earned points can be exchanged for discounts or gift checks.

Sites like Terracycle, RecycleBank and Gazelle, will all pay you for giving them your trash. Similar sites are in this list from WiseBread. Bottle caps, CDs/DVDs, ink cartridges, cellphones and other electronics – they provide a wide list of recyclables they will pay for.

Start your own business

Why not try making money out of trash a full-time job? Start your own recycling business. It doesn’t take that much capital to begin one. You help Mother Earth and you earn money at the same time.

The world continues to move forward towards sustainable development. With it, the ways to reduce waste materials and the need to recycle them continue to increase. Recycling is the future so it might be a great idea to invest in it and build a business alongside.

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    Hey Ron, I really liked the part when you discussed do and don’t of a how to make money, and especially the part about Garage sale. Really helped me improve my make money ideas ! You think you could make a post about how to start online online business? I would have loved that!

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    I think that there might be a lot of reason in order to make money recycling and having these perspective can reveal you talent to grow firmly.