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How to Make Money Selling Art

Art is not for everybody. That’s why many people say that artists are poor people.

Or are they? Here are some tips on how to make money out of your art.

Create art that people want

Great art doesn’t really equate to selling art. Everyone has different tastes of music; it’s the same for art.

If you want to get some money, then pay attention to what people want. What is the trend nowadays? What art designs are easily sold?

You can create art that people want which they will pay for. It doesn’t mean that you should throw away your creativity and right to convey your expression through art. It’s just that they don’t usually fit together.

You don’t need to choose between profit and self-expression. You can just allot time for creating profitable art and time for self-expressing art.

Publish your art

Continue on creating art pieces. Don’t mind if they will sell or not. Not yet.

It would be great if you have created and successfully finished an artwork because you can put it in your portfolio afterwards.

Maybe after some time, an art piece in your portfolio will attract an eye and you can get profit from that.

So just continue on creating lots and lots of pieces. Time will come when someone will appreciate them.

Be visible

Your art won’t sell if it’s always in your closet. Put it out in the open so everyone can see it.

Try getting your works displayed in a local gallery. You can also display it in business locations or offices if possible.

You can tell it to the world by posting it in forums or by creating your own website that caters your works to the public.

As long as your art is visible and known to people, it may lead to potential sales.

Build your network

You are not alone in this world. There are others that are in the same situation as yours.

Get to know professionals and other known artists in the society. Join clubs or societies sharing a common interest.

Go out and socialize. Widening your network would get you more audience to your art.

Create art in various forms

Selling something on a big canvas can prove to be hard. Try pouring your creativity in other forms like key chains, postcards or any container that can express your creativity.

Art licensing

It’s a way of getting paid for your artwork.

Instead of directly selling your paintings or designs to the public, you sell it to a company granting them rights (license) to use your art on their products.

You give rights to print your art on a specific product, for a set time period in exchange for a percentage of sales.

This percentage is called a royalty. Through art licensing, you have the potential to earn income on the same art piece or collection several times as if selling it multiple times.

Making money out of your art will take some time. People have different choices and tastes for everything. Some people will not even look at your works and some might get in love with it. The thing to remember is to be patient and passionate. Keep on doing what you love and your time to shine will someday come.

  • http://www.scatnstyle.com Deborah E

    Such a great article. And you brought out some key points, like creating art that people want. I am a lover of art, so I am likely to appreciate more, in the sense of what is expressed by the artist, than most, but, we can’t always expect that what touches us, as artists, will always touch others enough to purchase art. That doesn’t stop us from enjoying the creation of it. In my case, my “art” is music ;)