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How to Make Money with Domain Parking

How to Make Money with Domain Parking PhotoDomain Parking is the one of the most effortless ways to earn fast money, thus more people are learning how to make money out of it. One of the good things about this method is that it requires very little work. It doesn’t require you to post articles everyday nor promote a particular website. As a matter of fact, promotion is usually not allowed.

The basics

The general idea behind domain parking starts with buying and registering a domain. Then, you apply with a parking company which will post ads on your domain. If someone visits your site and clicks on an ad, you make money. The more ad clicks you get, the more money you can make.

One goal is to make more money from parking than the cost of domain maintenance. Once this happens, the site becomes profitable and sustainable. If you can make your domains self-sustaining, you can buy more and more of them. The larger the number of profitable parked domains you own, the more money you make.

Appropriate domain names

You have to be careful when buying domain names because not all domain names are accepted by parking companies. If you’re interested in a parking company, you need to check its terms of service. This will indicate what kinds of names are allowed or not allowed.

There are some common guidelines for what is not allowed; domain names which include words which are trademarked by companies can’t be parked. Names which are related to hate groups or appear to encourage hate are also prohibited. In addition, domain names with words that are considered offensive may also be not be allowed.

Manually-typed domain names

One way to make more money from domains is to increase the number of visitors. However, taking steps to increase visitor traffic, such as promoting the website, are usually prohibited. You need to follow the rules so that you won’t get penalized. So, you need to find ways to ensure good traffic without promoting the site.

One thing you can do is choose domain names that people type in manually. You need to imagine what URL someone would type in for a particular product. Usually, these URLs tend to be short and easy to remember. Then, check online to see if any of these domains can be bought.

Domains with existing backlinks

Since you’re prohibited from promoting parked domains, you cannot build links pointed to them. Thus, your ability to use off-page search engine optimization is prevented. So, you need to find domains which are already receiving traffic for some reason. This might be because these already have existing back links.

So, you can look for domains which already receive organic search engine traffic. If you buy and park these, you can monetize the traffic they already get. Most of the effort will take place when you research and look for these domains. That said, the traffic can dip if the domain’s back inks expire over time.

If you’re interested in trying out domain parking and you want to earn money easily, keep these tips in mind. If you know how to park domains, then you have one more option for monetization.

  • Tommy Craig

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