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How to Make Money with No Money

How to Make Money with No Money Photo


When talking about earning on formal business, it means raising a capital and funding the business for its first few years until the investments are returned in your hands. But what if you don’t have enough finances to put up your own business but still want to earn? Then don’t be too stressed out yet. Just read along and learn about ways for you to earn without even spending a dime. Or in-other words, get a job.

Killer Tips To Earn

Become a waiter

This is the perfect job to do during the summer. There are tons of restaurants and bars that are in need of a trustworthy and hardworking employee to wait on tables. That could be you! The management will decide upon your salary rate and your work schedule, whether you work for part time or full time.

Cash Crate

This is an online site that allows you to earn by completing various free offers. You can do simple tasks such as answering daily surveys, referring members to other sites, or even do online shopping. All these are from people who don’t the luxury of time to do so, thus they pay people from Cash Crate fans (which is you) to do the task for them.

Deliver pizzas

If you have a good record of driving then why not try delivering pizzas? Aside from the salary, most employers are fond of giving out free pizzas to their workers as well. You’re not only earning, you’re also getting a free meal.

Freelance writer

Have that passion for writing? Perfect! That can bring you tons of cash in no time. Whether you’re a typical article writer, a more creative poet or story writer, you will always have a spot in the world of freelance writing. There are many online sites that serve as a bridge between employees and freelance writers. And take note, most of these sites are free.

Mow lawns

Mowing your neighbors’ lawns will give you a chance to have regular income every month, especially if the mowing also turns into a regular job. Just like any small-time jobs, this starts with a small salary but it can truly be a reliable source of income. Though it may be difficult to start off especially if you don’t know how to operate the essential machines.

Start an online store

If you’re into printing shirts, hand painting art works, or perhaps frantic in baking, why not create your own online store? Using social networking sites like Facebook, you can easily gain traffic and your product will surely sell. Most online sellers claim that it took them a month or two before they were able to start gaining loyal buyers.

Bottom Line

If you don’t have a regular job and if you find it difficult to land on one, do not stress yourself on thinking about it repeatedly. You don’t have to loan money from the bank and put up your own business just to earn. You can simply achieve this by having a humble beginning.