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How to Make Money Writing Articles

How to Make Money Writing Articles Photo


Oh, article writing. There sure are many people wanting to have it as a living. Aside from working in the comfort of your home, you’re also in control with the cash flow – how much you want to earn, what projects you want to get and what niches you want to write about.

 You don’t have to worry about time-in and time-out, you don’t have to deal with bossy supervisors and best of all, you can work without taking a bath. Being an article writer is truly considered as the best job in the world. And to help you guys, here are some useful tips.

Get That Career Starting

Tip #1: Step out of the comfort zone

If you’re serious about having article writing as your main source of income, then you MUST be stepping out of the comfort zone. Get out of the box. Learn to explore the different kinds of writing styles. Try to gain interest on many niches. This way, you will surely have more job opportunities.

Tip #2: Submit, contribute, and submit some more

Surely, there are websites where writers and employers meet. But there are also websites that help you gain a more attractive portfolio, and these sites should be your first stop. Submit your contents to various article directories. Usually, most of it provides reviews about your content, especially those that they didn’t accept. It will help you gage your writing skills and measure which area you should improve.

Tip #3: Think out of the box

Most aspiring writers focus on niches like fashion, food and drinks, English and grammar, celebrities, and so on. Although there’s nothing wrong with writing about it, it is advisable to go for more specific topics. Examples would be health-related. You can talk about rare sickness, HIV, AIDS or cancer awareness, multiple sclerosis – topics that are not too common.

Tip #4: Promote your contents

If you want to earn through blogging, then Tips #3 and #4 applies to you. Constantly submit your output on article directories and spice it up with a backlink. This is a phrase or a word in your article which is “hyper-linked”. That link will then bring the readers to your site, allowing you to gain more views and earn bigger.

Tip #5: Be a freelance writer

Aside from managing and promoting your blog, you can also become a freelance writer. Web sites like freelancer.com and Odesk.com are only two examples of where you can find employers. With this you can have the choice to work full time or part-time. You can also choose which niche you want to write about and which job post you want to bid. You can earn from $.50-$5 per article, depending on the employer.

What To Keep In Mind When Working As An Article Writer

Whether you’re focusing on blogging or working as a freelance writer, the main key towards succeeding would be to focus and allow yourself to commit mistakes. Kind of ironic? Could be. But it’s the most efficient way to have articles writing as a career rather than an ordinary job.

Focus in the sense that you know what you want and you’re not forgetting it. Online writing as a source of income is not as easy as how people may say, but it sure does work.

Even allowing yourself to have mistakes work equally the same. Nevertheless, you should know the moral lesson in every mistake, and be precise that it won’t happen again. Grammar problems, rejected articles, pressure – all these exist in any kind of job, even home based and even part-time. But just come to think of it, “how will you earn if you’ll be bitter in every mistake?”.

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    I agree, it’s a tough career field to break into. You’ve got to be willing to accept very little in payment as you start out, plus the sometimes over-critical individuals who expect a professionally written article for $2.75. I enjoy writing, and so far, have only done it for my own sites.