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How to Make Money Writing Poetry

How to Make Money Writing Poetry PhotoLets face reality, the tycoons and the tech whizzes are raking in the big bucks, while artists are usually left in the cold. Despite this, there are stil some poetic souls out there who are adamant about writing for a living.

The good news is that not every artist is destined to be a starving one. Poetry is showing a lot of promise recently based on a survey conducted by Poetry America that shows that 64% of American adults want to read more poetry.

So ignore those naysayers and read on for a few tips on how to make money with your vocabulary.

Get Yourself Out There

With the advent of blogs and social networking, there has never been a better time to get your thought across. The first step  to being a world renowned poet is to get people to know your name.

So start a blog, write for the school paper, your opportunities for having other people read your work is endless. Don’t be daunted if nobody takes notice at first, because writing more hones your skills as well.

Start getting used to writing with a reader in mind. While a lot of poems are personal by nature, it helps drive traffic to a blog if you write about pressing issues as well.

Get a Literary Internship

Do you have a favorite author? Work for him or her! Even if it’s just for an assistant position, this kind of job will give you a great head start by forming connections and learning to navigate the literary industry.

There’s also a bigger chance of getting published when you know the right people, so work on your friendly smile and be ready will your portfolio at the drop of the hat.

Getting an internship would also rake in some money to support yourself while you find inspiration. Win-win!


Collaborate with illustrators to do a story book, collaborate with a publication to caption editorials with poetry. These are opportunities to earn and to get published as well.

Don’t limit yourself to highfalutin literary publications, there are a lot of other opportunities as well.

Join Those Contests

A lot of websites and bookstores have annual poetry contests to find the next big writer in the small poetry community. Take advantage of that and always submit an entry when you can.

Not only will winning at these contests get you a cash prize, it opens the door for other opportunities as well.

Join Poetry Clubs in the Community

Get to know the rest of the poetry community to get an ear in about what’s new and what’s sellable to the public. These people will alsobe in the know for a lot of opportunities, so keep them as friends.

As a great bonus, poets make great friends who are always willing to help you with dreaded writer’s block by bouncing ideas off each other.

Keep Reading

There is so much to draw inspiration from, so don’t stop reading your favorite poetry and soaking yourself in the words of the literary masters. This will help hone your skills and will help you get published as well.

  • http://www.giftsspace.com/blog George

    Poetry is written by intellectuals for intellectuals. Good poetry skills is hard to find and people who are good at writing poems find many opportunities come to their way.

  • http://darkelorde.tumblr.com/ DarkeLorde

    Thanks! I didn’t think of joining in an literary internship; that’s a great idea.