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How to Make Recycled Crafts

How to Make Recycled Crafts PhotoIt can be fun to know how to make recycled crafts. This could be a hobby for you or a way to come up with gifts. By recycling, you’re setting a good example for your kids. Also, this forces you to be creative and use your imagination.

Tin cans

This is a rather straightforward way to make crafts from used things. You just need to clean the tin can. Also, make sure that there aren’t any sharp edges that might cut fingers. Then you need to gather materials that you can use to decorate it.

You could use craft paper or patterned cloth. These just have to be cut so they go around the side of the can. Then you can glue other trinkets to the paper or cloth. Finally, attach the paper or cloth to the can using yarn, glue or wire.

Furniture socks

This is actually an interesting idea. After all, it can be rather annoying when you have only one sock. This could be because the other sock got lost. Or maybe it got torn or discolored.

One way to reuse socks without pairs is to use them for furniture. The idea is that you use them to cover the legs of furniture. This makes it less likely that they will scratch the floor or other surface. If your floor is polished, this can help furniture slide around a bit more.


This tip is also rather straightforward. Usually, there are pieces of paper that can no longer be written on. Maybe both sides have already been used. Or this paper could be from junk mail or brochures.

Instead of throwing them away, research the many ways to fold paper called origami. You can fold paper into animal forms or geometric shapes. This is something fun to do with kids, and you don’t even need scissors. The design of the paper itself will give the origami creations texture and color.

Paper bowls

Another thing that can be done with scrap paper is to turn them into containers. You can make paper bowls for trinkets and small items. You could make containers for paper clips and other office items. You could make small ones or large ones.

There are different techniques for doing this. One way is to fold individual pieces of paper into narrow bands. Then, you connect these narrow bands together by weaving them. These flat woven surfaces can then be connected into containers using tape.

There are many ways to recycle old unused items as crafts. These tips can get you started. Hopefully, you will come up with even more ideas.