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How to Make Time Go Faster

How to Make Time Go Faster PhotoHave you ever wished time went faster on days you feel bored and blue? You can’t help it but some days seem to be so slow when you’re not doing anything. When one does not enjoy their time, getting the work done is so hard to do. In fact, 9 out of 10 people daydream in meetings, according to Dr. Donald E. Wetmore.

When you feel time is so slow, here are some ways you can do to make it go faster.

Keep yourself busy

When you’re doing nothing, you tend to count every ticking of the clock. Best way to avoid this is to do something and be busy. Doing nothing at work could be a little draining, so do something to keep your mind running. It could be through helping your colleagues or doing tomorrow’s work in advance.

If you are at home, keep yourself active by either cleaning up your house, reading a good book and even exercising. If you have no job as of the moment, put your hobbies into good use like mastering your cooking skills and gardening.

Avoid watches and clocks

Looking at your watch every now and then doesn’t make time go faster. It only makes you impatient and irritable. If possible hide your watch and again do something productive while waiting for the time. Let time pass without you even noticing it. Don’t ask people for the time too.

Distract yourself

When you are in the midst of boredom in a busy day’s work, give a few minutes of distraction. Doodling is a common thing teenagers do while in school. Playing on your phone is also one thing to distract you from time.

This may seem funny, but try practicing new tricks in between a boring session. Try spinning a book or a pencil with just your index finger. You could also count numbers one to 100. Try bringing word puzzles with you just in case you might want time to fly by.

Use relaxing methods

Getting a power nap is essential sometimes when nothing comes to your mind. Sometimes, you need to breathe and relax to let your body turn to reset mode. Sit back, relax, close your eyes and meditate. This lets you forget time for a while and focus on yourself. The next thing you know, an hour or two has passed already.

Sometimes, a person thinks time is so slow because he is unproductive. You become unproductive when your body is not ready. Keep in mind that a good sleep is still an important factor for you to do well on a day.

As they say, “Time is gold”. Gold is there once you are productive. The more you have done something in a specific amount of time, the more the clock ticks faster.

  • http://redfoxcandle.com/blog Tanya

    When I use to work a retail job the time seemed to go by so slowly. I finally realized because I wore a watch and I checked the time every few minutes. I decided to try not wearing my watch for once and my shift just flew by. Staying busy always makes the time go by fast. Sometimes too fast when its the weekend and you don’t want it to end.

  • Peter Andreassen

    I am trying to think of a way to make the next holiday away from home (most likely next year) come as quickly as possible. I have tried thinking that what I am experiencing is not actually reality since I had to deal with this problem (then) from 17 December 2012 onwards when I went on my last holiday away from home to Sydney.Then my mind may get tricked by how much time has passed.