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How to Manage Bills with a Roommate

How to Manage Bills with a Roommate PhotoRooming in together is an effective way to help lighten up your financial expenses. This is a helpful method which usually works for everyone who has no problem with having someone under one roof.

On the other hand, even though you can easily adjust with a roommate around, troubles and misunderstanding can still arise if you don’t set clear agreements with regards to the decision.

Here are some useful tips on how you can effectively keep everything going smoothly with a roommate.

Set a clear agreement

When you know someone who is a roommate material and agreed to share a place together, make sure to set clear limits from the start. Making a clear agreement on how things should go together with your roommate will help avoid misunderstanding. It will also enable everyone to be informed of the obligation he/she needs to do especially when it comes to paying the bills.

Design a plan on how you should split things from the start. As much as possible do not allow exceptions nor tolerate any.

Know the person

Make sure that you know the person well before you agreed to share a space together. If an individual is known for having a lot of issues especially on financial matters, think twice before deciding.

Keep in mind that every penny counts especially if you are not earning on your own and on and is financially unstable.

Observe for cues

Before you decide and agree to room in with someone, take time to know the person and observe for signs. Bachelors who has been seeking a job for over a long period, dependent to parents even at 30 or is unwilling to treat their friends even with just a drink are bad signs.

It will surely benefit you if you learn to trust your instinct, though sometimes individual behaviors vary depending on a situation.

Stick to what has been agreed

It is significant that you stick to what has been initially agreed. Your agreement should also cover issues including procurement of utilities, buying food and of course the rent. Making a clear agreement on this will help ward off any excuses that the opportunistic party may try to initiate.

Make no exceptions on what expenses need to be paid in splits. The rule should be simple and clear. Split the bill- electricity, water, heating, cable bill and rent and get them paid. No exceptions.

Share only a few expenses

You can agree to share the rent and utilities. However, other needs can be secured individually. Food can be bought separately if you prefer. Keep in mind that some opportunistic individuals can go buy groceries but consume most of the stuff. He/she can then insist that you pay another bill say, for example, the rent since he/she shouldered for the food.

You also need to set specific terms on this. Or you can agree to share only some expense.

Sharing a space with someone can be enjoyable but also complex. You need to keep communications clear as much as possible.