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How to Manage Retirement Disillusionment

How to Manage Retirement Disillusionment PhotoFor the workaholic people, retiring is something they don’t even want to happen. But we just can’t avoid the fact that retirement is a part of every individual’s life.

Just like any other period in life there is also a right way to treat your retirement.

Read along and learn facts worth keeping.

Consider it as an everyday occurrence

One perfect way to manage disillusions is to treat retirement as an everyday occurrence. Instead of feeling sorry that you have to retire, try to wake up every day and see it as something positive. See it as a chance for you to do something that matters.

This way, you will realize that working is not the only thing that makes sense in your life. This will also help you slowly adjust to the changes brought by retiring.

Avoid feeling less of a person

While some people enjoy the benefits of retiring, there are also those who think of themselves as small and worthless individuals. This is quite common for people who spent years and years of working.

Nevertheless, you should be stronger than these thoughts to manage retirement disillusions. Your job may play a significant part in your life, but leaving it doesn’t mean you’re less of a person already.

Say no to “you’re too old”

One thought that would enter our mind when retiring is the thought that we’re too old to work. If this will be planted on your mind and system, most probably the disillusion of retiring will eat you whole and alive.

With that being said, one effective way to manage your idealism is to avoid thoughts like this.

Keep sharpening your saw

You may be too old to keep your job, but that doesn’t mean you should stop working. You can still create a business such as an online consultation business. This way, you can still earn while keeping your memory sharp. Not to mention you’re also helping more people than you ever thought.

If you’re not into technology, you can instead write a book. This is a perfect time for a writer-wannabe to pursue his long term dream of writing and publishing a book.

Be preoccupied

Last tip, when it comes to managing retirement disillusion, is to keep yourself busy. You can do charity work or create your own support group to help other people. This is a perfect solution if you don’t know how to spend the substantial amount you were able to save for the past working years. Aside from helping other people, you’re also helping yourself.

Now, because you’re busy, you will have no time to think about any disillusionment.

Retirement is and will never be a sign of failure, contrast to what some people may think. It’s just a typical part of life which clearly symbolizes that every beginning has had an end. Nevertheless, this end does not mean you should stop. Instead of feeding yourself with negative thoughts, just consider retirement as a chance for you to enjoy life.

  • Kamal Arifin

    ÝüÞÞžz…it’s is not easy but need to manage your volatile mixed emotion and self triggerd stress….

  • ella

    it is even harder when you moved to a place that did not turn out to what you thought. we retired from the north to nc and feel so unwelcome here. have joined clubs, hobbies, volonteer and now I have to pretend I am happy..4 years not one friend…