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How to Maximize Social Security Benefits

How to Maximize Social Security Benefits PhotoAfter years of working, day in and day out, it’s time to retire finally. The question is: Do you have social security benefits? Social security benefits can be your source of income when you’ve come pass the age of working. Many people who have been saving for this have something to look forward to at the end of their careers. Claiming the benefits is a bit tricky though. If you make the wrong decision, you might end up with a Cheque that’s less than what you actually deserve. Maximize your social security benefits by learning the basic tricks of the trade.

Take it now

The age of retirement is 62, but you can still work until you’re 67. If you do decide to retire fully when you’re 62, you can now start cashing in your social security benefits. 62 years old is the earliesttime you can do so in the US.  When you cash in your check at 62, your benefits are reduced to 75%. This means that if you’re expecting a pay of $ 2,000 monthly, you will only get $ 1,500.

Taking your social security benefits early is recommended for those who are physically unfit or ill. Don’t force yourself to wait 6 years more because you might not even reach that age to collect your benefits.  You have to consider also your medical bills and the cost of daily living. Early withdrawal of the benefits is recommended for those who need it badly.

Take it later

If you decide to cash in your check at the age of 67, you will get the full amount. The amount will vary on your contribution and how long you’ve been working.

Who’s a good candidate for this option? Good candidates are those who are physically fit and have a long life expectancy in the family. Refer to your grandparents and your parents; how old were they before they finally kicked the bucket? If they get to live over the age of 80 then go ahead and take this option.

It takes two to tango

For married couples, here are ways to get the most out of both your social security benefits. Couples can opt for the “file and suspend” option or the “double dipping”. The file and suspend is ideal for couples who have a wide salary gap.

The double dipping option is usually practiced by couples earning almost the same amount of money. There are a number of ways to maximize social security benefits for married couples, so try to read as much as you can about them.

Include the Children

You can secure your child if he or she is under 16 years of age. This holds true for children with disabilities and parent taking care of the child.  Each child can get as much as half the total amount of what the pensioner is going to get but not more than 180% of the actual sum that is due.

Widows and Widowers

Widows can take out their benefits earlier at the age of 60. If the widow is handicapped, she can take the benefits at just 50 years old. Computing the benefits for this scenario is not easy though, so it’s best to seek assistance.

To get the most out of your social security benefits, it’s essential to consider several factors. Just because waiting longer means, a better pay doesn’t mean you have to go for it. The best option is always one that works best for you now. You can also seek professional help in the computation and analysis. It may cost you a few dollars, but they might be capable of helping you in saving thousands of dollars in return. Best of luck!