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How to Motivate Your Sales Force

How to Motivate Your Sales ForceMotivation for a better sales performance of your team is essential in the growth of your company yet it is difficult to attain. During scarcity in workforce, every executive asks the right method to motivate his or her salespeople to increase sales performance as well as to avoid his or her people from leaving the company. It is a growing problem especially in the sales industry in which the right solution is needed.

According to Wikipedia, motivation is a psychological aspect of any living organism to act towards a desired goal. In terms of workforce management, it is about providing the needs of an employee in order for the latter to perform well and keep the job.

Paycheck, incentives and commission

Every employee wishes to receive high paycheck during paydays. In addition, employees want to see the fruit of their labor through incentives and commissions as well as appreciation especially if they know that they perform well. Provide the correct and appropriate salaries to employees will definitely motivate them to perform more.

Appreciation of a job well done can be also shown through small tokens and gift checks. If your company has no allocated funds for incentive and commission program, a simple gift of appreciation will do. This gift will definitely mark in your employee’s heart, thus a better performance will be given back to you.

Workplace management

Creating a stress-free and friendly work environment to your employees is also a great factor that will help them to be motivated in their work and to stay in the company. A healthy competition among salespersons can also help them to feel that they need to perform better than others do in order to be recognized and received more money than the others receive. Furthermore, providing your sales force with one-on-one coaching as well as team huddles can create human connections among themselves, thus working in a team or individually will not be a problem. Just remember that when doing one-on-one-coaching, positive scripting should always be used all the time – focus more on the strengths rather on the opportunities.

Satisfaction of employees

Money is not what other people look for to be motivated. According to the hierarchical understanding of innate needs of human created by Abraham Maslow, there are two principles with regards to the needs of human to strive for more. The first principle states that people are motivated when they have the need to satisfy the lowest level of their unmet needs while the second principle is about the satisfied need of people that cannot be used anymore for motivation purposes.

Applying these principles in workforce management, an employee who is already satisfied with what he or she has achieved cannot be motivated anymore to do more. An example of this is when an employee who is already receiving the highest basic pay due to his long tenure in the company will not be anymore be motivated to perform well even though you will offer him a higher commission or incentives than the basic commission available. On the other hand, an employee who has lower basic pay will be encourage to perform well in order to get the commission or incentive being offered.

Psychological needs of employees

It is true that money cannot buy everything in this world. You cannot go to the mall and purchase self-esteem for $1,000 or go to the supermarket and buy self-confidence for $1,500. Experience is the one who teaches people to learn self-confidence and self-esteem. If you provide your sales team with opportunities to learn and improve these traits, it will surely be another factor for them to perform better, thus their good performance will contribute to the success of your company.

Implementing policies and regulations to motivate your sales team will always be the best way for you to reach your quota and increase your target. This will surely lead to a successful business in the market.