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How to Move On After a Life-Changing Event

How to Move On After a Life Changing Event PhotoSometimes, life hits you with something that can change your life, your perspective, and everything you hold dear. You get caught in the whirlwind of thoughts and emotions and can lose yourself easily.

Get a grip of yourself, and take these 5 simple steps to help you start moving on:

Take it all in

Absorb the impossibility of this event, and absorb the reality of it staring at you in the face. Stop asking yourself why, because you can never comprehend how life turns out.

Take a deep breath, and just let it flow through you. The first step is always “acceptance”, even without understanding.

Meditate on the aftershocks

If you’re on the verge of asking questions, ask these:

  • What will be the changes in my life right now?
  • What relationships would be changed and would be destroyed?
  • What parts of my routine would have to disappear or change?

These questions are not meant to drive you crazy. Write them down on a journal. It will come in handy later when you’re feeling overwhelmed with emotions. Keeping a journal is the best way to keep you sane in times of trials and moments that are difficult to comprehend.

Look forward to the future

Thinking about the past will only bring you more pain and stress. Instead, think of the future. You cannot change what has already happened, but you are in control of what WILL happen. Look forward to a better future.

Things may have happened in the past, but these should not dictate your future actions. You can learn from the past, but it shouldn’t direct your future.

Having a positive affirmation is a great start to have a more positive outlook in life.

Pick yourself up

The key to life is falling seven times, and getting up eight.

Every time you fall pick yourself up and move on. Motivate yourself. Grant yourself positive affirmation. Tomorrow is a better day, and it’s up to you to mould that day into the best it could be.

Seek guidance and counsel

If the emotions and thoughts are just too much to handle alone, seek help. You can ask someone you hold accountable for your thoughts, or someone you constantly seek for wisdom. He or she doesn’t necessarily have to be older than you. It’s just someone you can entrust your feelings and thoughts.

The best you can get is professional help. Search online for some counselling help. Or, you can ask a friend to refer you to someone they know who can help you deal with what you’re going through.

Life is like a box of chocolates, said Forrest Gump: you’ll never know what you’re going to get. If life decides to hurl you with problems, you can’t go and sulk in one corner. Stand up and face it with pride. These times are made to test your strength, just like pressure is applied to create the most precious diamonds.