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How to Negotiate Debt with Credit Card Companies

How to Negotiate Debt with Credit Card Companies PhotoDealing with debt of any kind can be terribly frustrating, especially if most of your debts lie in credit cards. You may be embarrassed about it but not calling your credit card company is one of the ugliest things you can do. Regardless of the amount, dealing with a pile of debt can be fixed only if you have contacted the other party.

This is where debt settlement comes in. It may not be the best decision to make, and you may have to deal with all its negative and positive consequences, but in situations like this, debt settlement should undoubtedly be considered.

Call your credit card company

Contacting your credit card company serves as the first step. Technically, you will be entertained by a customer service representative. Tell him about the reason of your call but not the entire detail. You will then be asked to call the company’s account specialist.

Once you get the chance to talk to him, that’s the time when you’ll tell your story in detail. Be sure that you stress out all salient points.

Put it into writing

Although you already talked over the phone, it’s still best to do it in a formal way. Write a letter to your credit card company and again, state your situation, what you want to happen and why they should bother listening to you. Don’t expect such companies to give up collecting money just because of a letter nor a phone call, thus give yourself a couple of days to wait for their reply.

You can also state in the letter that you already talked to their account specialist. The main reason of the letter is just for formality purposes and to show them that you’re genuinely serious about the negotiation.

Explain and make a fair offer

Once you get the chance to talk to the accountant specialist face to face, give him a clear, short but highly detailed explanation of why you can’t pay your debts. Afterwards, give him a fair debt settlement offer. This is usually a lump sum that you will pay if he agrees with it. Be sure that your offer is enough for a debt settlement.

Ask for a written confirmation

The last step would be to ask for a written confirmation from the credit card company. Before you pay whether in cash or in check, you should first get a confirmation as proof that the specialist and the entire company agreed with the settlement.

Sometimes, it takes a couple of days before a company can send the confirmation; thus you have to be extra patient and persistent in reminding them in case they’ll forget.

Debt settlement can indeed erase all your debt problems, but that doesn’t mean that you can do it anytime you want. In fact, settlement should be considered as the last resort. It’s a better idea to negotiate for a lower interest first. However, if there’s no other choice, but a debt settlement, these tips will surely come in handy.