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How to Not Give Up

How to Not Give UpLife throws us curve balls every now and then. It is one of the few unexplainable things that happen in our lives. Some might be hard to understand and contemplate that it forces you to think about whether giving up on life or not. Many have succumbed to giving up on life when there are difficult problems to face. But, just like everything in life, it will pass on. Here are some of the few tips on how to not give up in life:


Try to relax your mind for a while. Take a break. Do not forget to breathe. Remember, these are just mere problems. What you need is time and room to breathe and think of new ideas and solutions to the current problem. Everyday try to get away from it all for at least an hour by either playing a game or simply go out for a movie. Press pause on your problems first. You might come up with an easy solution while you are out there chilling.

Make realistic goals

Some people might think that finding a solution is hard. This is because their goals are too obscure to obtain. Think of ways that make your goals and solutions much easier to achieve. This can be done by taking one step at a time. Make a few small realistic short term goals to solve the problem. With this kind of approach, you won’t notice that you are slowly easing your way to the ultimate answer to some of the most difficult questions in life.


Accept the fact that you are currently facing a huge problem and that you need to address it immediately. Face the problem before it blows out of proportion. This is one of the many problems that people face every day. They do not want to deal head on with problems which make it more difficult to tackle later on. By making things more difficult, it makes you lose more hope in solving it. Accepting the problem transcends you to the next level of solving it thus making you have more hope of finding a resolution.

Be honest

Through acceptance, you are also truthful to yourself. You have accepted the fact that you have a problem and now you are facing it. Being truthful to yourself and others allow you to realize that you are indeed dealing with the problem and that empowers you to do more rather than just giving up. Accepting and being truthful that there will be more difficulties and even setbacks later on will help you deal with facing hopelessness.

Find support

No one can deal with problems alone. This is why we have families and friends. Each and every one of us has a support system. They are the ones we think of first when we have problems. They can be either your mother or father or your closest friend. Either way, take advantage of their position and talk to them. Venting out your feelings of hopelessness renews your feeling of hope in fighting against difficult times.

Hope is something that is inherent to a human being. The saddest thing in the world is when someone loses hope and gives up. Through these tips, hopefully you can ascend from having the feeling of hopelessness towards a better life full of hope.