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How to Open a Laundry Business

How to Open a Laundry BusinessThere are about 80% of the American households that use a dryer for between two to nine loads a week, according to the Project Laundry List. This shows that doing laundry is part of one’s home. And that there is also a good opportunity of business growth in it.

Opening a laundry business might be a good idea especially that people now are getting busier every day. Most people would just prefer to drop off their dirty clothes at a laundromat rather than having the hassle of doing it all by themselves. If one does not have any washing machine and dryer at home, it might also be cheaper to just opt for a laundromat instead.

A laundry business is very profitable considering there is not much operational expenses in this kind of business. Electricity, water and soap are only the major utilities needed to run this business. So how do you start one?

Consider your finances

Before deciding on opening a laundry business, you must consider the start-up costs. Starting a small laundry business may cost from $200,000 to $500,000, depending on the location and the size of the laundromat you would want to put up.

This would include the building and material costs, at least. Also include in your computation the additional licensing costs that would depend on the state you are in and the building location.

Make a business plan

Research and brainstorm how you would want to run your laundry business. Know how the other laundromats on your area price their services and what kind of equipment are they using. Would your equipment be able to sustain if you could target a specific number of loads per day? All these should be written and outlined including your marketing plan, supplies and strategies for your business.

Find an ideal location

Try to study your market in the area. Are you targeting more on regular households or college students? If you think you would profit more if you stay near beside a school, then look for a location wherein you can rent cheaper. Your location should be a prime spot wherein it would be for your customer’s convenience.

Register your business

Secure a permit for your business through your city or municipality. Additional fees may apply as you get your business registration which may include a health and sanitation permit, fire safety permit and building permit.

Purchase necessary equipment

The equipment you need to start your laundry business are washers, dryers, laundry carts and detergents. You might want to look first for appliance stores before deciding to buy to compare prices and get cheaper finds. You might want to consider buying a top-load washer, too, instead of a front-load because it would be much cheaper.

Hire employees

You will need a number of employees to help you run your business. It would be better to find a staff who has knowledge of the laundry business. If not, you should consider to allot time for training on how to use the washers, dryers and how to fold clothes if necessary.


At the start of your business, you should strategize on how to increase sales. Marketing strategies may include handing out flyers on your opening day to let the public know that you are open. You can also give freebies and discounts to ensure that customers will go back to you.

Just make sure that you will allot money for your advertising expenses. This may seem an additional expense but if your ads work out well, you may also gain good returns in a short period of time.

Opening a laundry business may not be that hard for as long as you have enough capital, the right people and the right attitude in bringing your business to success.