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How to Organize Your Office

How to Organize Your Office PhotoHave you ever tried to fix things up but every time you do, you would not know where to start? Cleaning up your cluttered office could be one of the most challenging tasks you can do. A messy office has a lot of negative effects on your work and also on your personality.

According to Key Organization Systems, 43% of Americans considered themselves as disorganized. And because of that nearly 21% of them do not meet their deadlines.

Organizational skills is necessary in a workplace for one to be productive in a specific amount of time. Aside from learning how to use time management, learning to keep things organized in your work environment would also affect how one can work at his optimum level.

So if you are one of the many who seriously needs to overhaul one’s office from mess, read the guidelines below.

Clean up your work space

The first place to organize in your office is your desk. Your desk is the place you would be working most of the time. So it is necessary that it would be free from any clutter so one can concentrate on whatever job he is doing.

Make sure your desk only contains the necessary things you most likely would need everyday. Your computer, sticky notes, a set of pens and your business cards could be examples of what a desk should have in place.

All other unnecessary items should be placed in your desk’s drawer or any cabinet in your office that could still be within your reach.

Throw things you don’t need

A lot of paper could pile up on your office everyday without even checking if you still need to keep it. Get rid of papers that are useless to your office by throwing them away in the trash can. For important documents that don’t seem needed anymore, you can shred it into pieces too.

Try to look at your drawers and discard pens that don’t write. Be keen even to the tiniest details like crooked pins and tacks that don’t seem to work anymore. This could be annoying to look at and could even cause accidents, too. Be sure to have a trash can underneath your table so that you can easily discard things you won’t need anymore.

Sort your files

You must allot a space in your office wherein miscellaneous papers can be piled up. But even if you have that space, you must learn to sort these sometime in the future. Sort files either by name, date or importance and place them in a filing cabinet or a box.

Learn to label

After you learn to sort your files, label them accordingly. You may have to separate electric bills, phone bills and credit card bills on a folder and place a mark on which is which. In this way, at the end of the month, it would be easier for you to find all your pending payments.

Filing cabinets may be sorted out, too, either alphabetically or whichever way is most convenient for you.

Above all what matters most is for you to practice the habit of cleanliness. When you master the habit, you will be more at ease and productive to work in an environment that is clean and clutter-free.