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How to Outsmart People

How to Outsmart People PhotoThose people who seem too perfect and too smart about everything may sometimes intimidate you. However, you shouldn’t let these individuals get in your way. Whether that’s a mean person, a rich one or even your boss, there will always be a way on how you can outsmart them.

Read along this article and erase that intimidation growing inside you.

Cherish yourself

The first step towards outsmarting other people is to focus on you. Learn how to love yourself more to gain more confidence and self-esteem. Also, cherish your skills and less focus on your negativities.

You must always think smart and see yourself as someone who can do everything or at least almost next to it.

Don’t idolize

To idolize someone is somewhat like copying them. Remember what you do when you idolize celebrities? You always try to wear what they wear and act how they act. This is something to avoid when trying to outsmart other people.

Idolizing them will just take you to their level and not over it. Instead, you should see these people as a first stop on a 3-day race – you should get to it and over it.

Pay less attention

The next step is to learn how to lessen your attention to these individuals. The more you focus on their positive aspects, the more you forget that you have positive aspects, as well. You have to be smart, mature and learn to focus more on yourself.

If possible, you should also have less interaction with these individuals. A tight connection with them may just result to losing control of yourself because you’re too overstuffed of their perfection. You might also lose focus on your main goal which is to outsmart them.

Stay silent

Among the strengths of these people are the appraisals they’re getting. This means that many individuals seriously think they’re perfect and all. To stay silent is one powerful way to outsmart these people.

They may not see your efforts to outsmart them, but the next thing they’ll know; you’re already higher than them.

Being indifferent will make these individuals crave for your appraisal that will result in losing their composure.

Humor is also a tool

Last tip towards outsmarting people is to add humor. This may sound silly, but it’s one effective tip towards outwitting them. Smart people always get annoyed when others laugh at them or when they’re being rebuked. This is somewhat like playing with them at their own game.

This is an effective way to get them distracted so you can focus on your own improvement more.

Learning how to outsmart people is far from learning how to beat them, it’s more like letting them taste their own medicine. These people love competition, and having you as their competitor will just increase their adrenaline.

Instead, you should learn how to play their game in such a way that they’ll learn the non-existence of perfection. Outsmarting them is just like making them realize that they’re not quite far from any individuals, at least not so far as how they usually think.