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How to Overcome Awkwardness

How to Overcome AwkwardnessMoments in life randomly happen now and then. You cannot pick the day on when you will seem almost perfect or/and on when you will be a “total awkwardness”. Awkwardness is a feeling that comes from within. So, if ever you feel “awkward” at times, blame yourself for letting it pass through your system. A person has its ability to control what to feel. When you are extremely happy, suddenly you became mad, then sad, and so on. Mood changing is controlled by your own mind and reactions. So, your reactions are all based on the way you think. Settling things can be done by just being simply reasonable.

Akwardness in awkward moment

Awkwardness is another word that all people have encountered, not only encountered but also lived with. Awkwardness undertake during awkward moment. Awkward moment takes place during awkwardness. Seems so literal but that is actually the trade. We cannot assure an awkward free situation anytime, but we can always keep normal and just typical. When awkwardness (may it be you or the situation) happens, keep up and talk to yourself “there are many worse scenarios than that”.

Be sensitive enough

Awkwardness is not a sudden reaction, sometimes it gradually grows until you realize you have been the topic for a while. Then, you better look around and examine their faces. If they seemed to be fooling right there, it’s a bang, you have been their source of conversation. Now, check yourself, SUBTLY, yes, that way. Don’t move obviously, it will just lead to a more awkward moment. Be sensitive enough to save yourself from an awkward hard to escape situation. Be reasonable in making fashion (its not bad to be original, but being exaggerated is another thing), talking with people, walking along the street or in the middle of the crowd, and act normally, just as everybody does, so you will just fit in and maybe standout if chance would permit.

An exact mix of EXACTs

Keep a head up but do not look up. Stay confident but never be conceited. Be clumsy but careful to hit a thing. Make fun but keep the poise. Too much of too many is too mind-blowing. Too much of “too” is over mixing. It is always an edge to be peculiar in some ways, but situate peculiarity in the right place, with the right amount. Just exact mix of spices to make flawless impressions.

Get over and done

Awkwardness is a frightful feeling. It sends you to a tunnel that has the farthest end. You don’t need to run off if this situation prevails. Just stand still, talk to yourself, keep calm and believe that you can get over it. It is mind over matter. If you think you are sick you will be sick. If you think you are typical, then that will be projected on your aura.

Awkward is a moment invented by human mind and can also be destroyed by one.