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How to Overcome Nervousness

How to Overcome Nervousness PhotoWhen we think of speaking in public or doing something we haven’t done before, we usually become very nervous. Although nervousness is a normal emotion that everyone feels, there are times that we simply chicken out because the emotion takes over, thus, making us left out on the important matters. In this case, you need to have the ability to overcome nervousness. But, how do you overcome something so powerful? All you need is a list of tips and strong determination that you can beat this!

Here’s how you can overcome your nervousness especially in times when you need to step it up:


Never forget to breathe deeply when you are faced with something that is making you nervous. Breathing deeply allows you to calm your nerves and relaxes the body. Think of happy thoughts and breathe in and out slowly. It soothes tense muscles, and it will help you feel generally better once you step out into the limelight. Breathing helps calm down the nervousness that you feel.

Always be prepared

If you have a presentation and you are just a few minutes short of presenting it, you may feel very tense and nervous about it. The best way to deal with being nervous is by knowing that you can do it because you are prepared. Preparation helps you become confident with what you will be presenting. There are countless situations wherein a person scrambles and feels nervous right before the presentation because he is not prepared. When you are prepared, all you will be worrying about is how you will present and not what you will be presenting.

Stay positive

Ask yourself this question: What is the worst thing that could happen out there? If you can’t think of anything else, then there is surely nothing to worry about. It is normal to feel and think of morbid things when you go out there but when you begin to ask the possibilities, you will be surprised that there’s nothing really bad that will happen. Positivity can go a long way if you let it.

Presence of mind

When you are finally out there, stay focused. Do not think of things that are ahead of you. Deal with what you currently have. When you think of things that might happen, it will show especially if you are on a stage where everyone is watching you. This will only contribute to more nervousness on your part. When you have  a presence of mind, you already know what to do and what you are doing. This makes you more confident.

In the long run, when you expose yourself repeatedly to the things and situation that frighten you or make you nervous, you will soon get used to it and you will never have to feel frightened or nervous about it any longer.