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How to Pass a Drug Test for a Job

How to Pass a Drug Test for a Job PhotoDrug testing is a critical test for you to take to determine if you get or lose the job. A lot of companies require this to prevent any risks of an employee being a threat inside the workplace. Getting screened is essential to also know if you are physically fit for the job.

Drug tests may include examination of your blood, saliva, urine and even hair. Most of these drug tests are used to detect traces of marijuana/ cannabis, cocaine and heroin. But the most common test used is urine sample checking.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Association (SAMHSA), 74% of drug users are employed and Corporate America has spent about $85 billion per year with regards to drug abuse. That is why every year, drug testing becomes more and more advanced to prevent further waste of time and money.

So if you are one of those who are scared to not pass a drug exam, be ready. Here are some tips below.

No to drugs

If you want to get a stable job, the answer is simple. Do not use drugs at all. Aside from giving you big benefits of having a job, it is also good for you physically. The use of prohibited drugs are never beneficial for your body. It may be a short term relief for you to feel good about one’s self, but it will degenerate you in a long term process.

If you are guilty free of using any drugs at all, there’s nothing to worry about. You will pass the drug exam for sure.


If you are in that state of being a drug user already, the best thing you could do is abstinence. Some drugs leave traces even as long as four to six weeks. So if you are planning to get a job, abstain yourself from prohibited drug use in this time period. It may be hard for you, but its up to you to weigh your priorities in life.

Water therapy

Most of the drug tests used for employment purposes is urinalysis. This means a sample of your urine is saved for further testing of presence of metabolites. If you want to pass clear on your test, detoxify using water. To shed off excess metabolites on yours cells, your body needs lots of hydration.

The more you drink water, the more chances you excrete out metabolites in your body. At least drink eight glasses of water a day prior to your drug test.


A risky and final method that is commonly used to pass a drug test is substitution. Some drug test takers use other people’s urine that are sure to be clean from prohibited drugs. They contain the specimen in a vial in body temperature for it to remain sterile even when passed to the testing center.

Others use synthetic chemicals that may be in powdered or diluted form. All act and has a formula like real urine. Either way, this is a risky method and could lead you to getting black listed if caught.

Drug tests are essential prior to getting a job. And even if you already have a job, it isn’t a guarantee that your employers would not have random testing on their employees. So just to be safe from being fired out, live a drug-free life instead.