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How to Prepare for Performance Evaluation

How to Prepare for Performance Evaluation PhotoDealing with performance evaluation may give you that sense of fear sometimes. Fear that your review will be all negative, or worse that you will be fired.

Whether or not this year was good enough, still you should prepare for your performance evaluation. You might want to take a couple of notes from the following steps to guide you towards that preparation.

Read along.

Familiarize the process

Companies have diversified methods when evaluating their employees. If this is your first year in a certain company, you should ask your co-workers about the process of performance evaluation. This way, you have an idea on what to expect.

Sometimes, the fear you feel is just fear of the unknown and not fear of the review about you.

Outline your progress

The next step is to make an outline for your progress. If you know for yourself that you’ve made a massive improvement then, the more you should do this step. Do not allow your boss to be blinded by your mistakes, more to that you shouldn’t allow him to do all the talking, as well.

This journal of progress and accomplishments will serve as a hard copy in case there will be questions about what you’ve done for the past year.

Let your light shine brighter

Aside from discussing your improvements, failures and all, a performance evaluation is also a time for you to make your light shine brighter. This is a perfect time for you to talk about your uniqueness and value. You may have failures, but that doesn’t mean you’re worth the position you currently have.

It may sound awkward, but this step will be of significant help towards that upcoming performance evaluation.

Practice how to accept negative compliments

There is no such thing as perfect evaluation. Your boss will surely have that dot of negativity towards your performances and this fact can’t be erased. That is why knowing how to deal with this in advance is highly advisable.

You should be open to all the possible comments your boss has for you. You should also practice how to accept this and don’t act in such a way that will irk your boss.

Learn to determine key points

The last step towards preparing for a performance review is to teach you how to determine the important points. This is the perfect opportunity for you to learn more and you should never ignore that.

It may sound quite easy upon reading this article, but once you’re already listening to the comments and reviews about you the aura may change. Be sure to stay composed throughout the process and to absorb the valuable lessons laid for you.

For starters, dealing with an upcoming performance review means days and days of preparation. For the other employees, it’s just as simple as entering a room, listening to a speech, going out and continuing their lives. Whichever your path is, you should keep in mind that there is a reason why performance evaluation is given annually. This is to guide you towards better improvement.

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    The best way to prepare for a performance evaluation is to make sure that your work is outstanding during the entire six months before the evaluation. If an evaluation is truly fair and accurate, nothing you do the week before the evaluation will make a difference because it’s supposed to judge your entire work contribution, not just from the previous week.