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How to Prevent Credit Fraud


Prevent credit frauds from happening to you or your loved ones. You don’t want to be paying thousands of dollars for stuff you didn’t buy, do you?

Recent news says credit fraud has been on a rise. Hundreds of people across the country have been victims.

Identity theft is a major problem and we card holders should be vigilant.

We should be the ones preventing credit fraud early on.

1. Never share your PIN with anyone

You may not believe this but some people do.

Elderly and very young children who shop online get scammed more often. Scam sites ask for credit card PIN numbers as part of security check. Children do not recognize this and enter it.

Another tip when it comes to PINs is to create one which is hard to guess. According to a Yahoo finance blog, once a card is lost, PINs can be guessed.

2.  Shop securely online

Isn’t shopping online easy? Sometimes prices are even cheaper compared to department stores.

Shopping online however opens you to theft. Here’s what you can do to protect yourself:

  • Make sure shopping sites are secured. A “https://” should be found at the left side of the site’s URL.
  • A green padlock that’s closed appears at the bottom of the page. If it’s opened, then information can be stolen. The padlock is also located beside “https://”.

3. Keep an eye on your card at all times

I sometimes use my credit card for paying lunch or dinner. But when I do, I make it a point to look and keep receipts. Some people do not notice but other payments were charged with that credit card.

I try to look as cashiers swipe it or count the time until it’s returned.

Why is this important?

  • People can use pocket sized skimmers to steal info
  • Restaurants’ computers are favorite targets among hackers
  • Cashiers might be paying for other stuff besides whats’s ordered

4. Cover machine keypads when entering PIN numbers

Did you know people can install cameras and spy on you as you enter PINs? Combine that with skillful pick pocketing, the result is financial disaster.

Crooks these days also use skimmers to record information about your card. Once they have that, they next use the video to see PIN numbers.

In one news article, a man was able to steal over £3 million using this technique.

5. Do not leave your mail unprotected

Sending bill payments via mail? Do not leave it outside long before the postman gets it. People may steal it and use information to access credit cards.

Always remember there’s precious information on your bills.

6. Look closely at receipts

Do you do this all the time? I do.

I would never sign blank receipts. You should try to notice this too. If there’s space above the total, draw a line through it. Or write$0.00

If there’s any space, mischievous cashiers might put in some amount.

7. Tear any paper that has your credit card number on it

Do you watch police TV series? One episode featured people stealing from credit cards using crumpled billing statements. According to the Federal Trade Commission, this is possible.

What other documents do you throw out? Make sure they do not have your card number.

8. Update your computer’s anti virus

You must definitely, by all means, certainly keep your computer safe. I have to emphasize this because people often neglect it. Remember, you transact using your computer.

Data is stored in your computer and hackers will always be curious. By updating your anti virus, information is kept safe. Most antiviruses also protect your email.