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How to Procrastinate

How to Procrastinate PhotoProcrastination is the act of focusing too much time on useless things while other important matters should be address. There is something about procrastinating that people tend to do it over and over. Some people are used to procrastinate especially if they know that they can do things later on anyway; while others suffer because they are not prepared to do the huge pile of things to do.

Procrastination is an art and should be dealt with accordingly. One should always be prepared in case you want to practice the art of procrastination.

Don’t be guilty

Some say that you should be guilty for procrastinating. There are a lot of things to do and yet here you are staring at the monitor of your computer waiting for a new status on facebook or a new tweet.

When you procrastinate make sure that you do not feel guilty about it. It is when you feel guilty that you will find yourself cramming things up and you end up making a lot of mistakes. Anyone who procrastinates know that they can do those things later on so why feel guilty about it?

Keep your cool

Whenever someone yells at you for procrastinating, try to keep your cool. People who procrastinate know what they can do and how much they can do. This is why they are confident enough to do useless things and unimportant stuff because they already know that they can finish the job later on.

So, whenever someone yells at you or scolds you for procrastinating, keep calm. Don’t forget to never lose your patience with people who berate you for being lazy when in fact, you are not.

Time yourself

Sometimes we procrastinate too much and we end up wasting too much time. In order to avoid this mess, you need to time yourself. Make sure that you procrastinate for several hours and once that is done, you get yourself back to work and refocus your attention to the things that matter. This will help you avoid making mistakes and still get to procrastinate later on. Always finish the job the same day so you can procrastinate on the next.

Take responsibility

There are times that we mess up because we procrastinate. It is best that you take responsibility for your actions and do as much as you can to control the damage. Apologize and start working right away if you still have the time. By taking responsibility of your own actions, you make yourself a good person and be guilt free about having to procrastinate all the time.

Procrastination is not the right term for being lazy. People procrastinate because they know what they can do with the given task and chose not to do it immediately. They are just taking their time to relax before they begin working.