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How to Protect Your Store from Thieves

How to Protect Your Store from Thieves Photo

Smaller establishments and stores are oftentimes the main target of thieves. Up until today, the news is still filled with cases that involve these small businesses. Whether that’s a failed or a successful modus of thieves that fact still remains that they are always active.With that being said, it’s just right to know the most efficient ways to protect your small business. Go and get things started by following the tips listed below.

Hire a 24/7 security guards

Whether or not your store is open 24 hours a day, still it’s highly advisable to hire guards to watch over it day and night. This is actually the best method to keep your store highly protected. Although this calls for additional expenditure, it sure is better than receiving terrible news from the authorities in the middle of the night.

Have more than one employee

Seeing a store with fewer employees will give thieves a chance to attack it. An employee working alone is indeed vulnerable to such attacks. That is why you should stress to all your employees that there should be at least three of them who will be left in the store.

This is quite crucial especially in the opening and closing times when thieves tend to be more active.

Install the best alarm systems

With all the alarm systems available out there, surely you won’t have a hard time in this aspect. The system mainly depends on the type of business you have. If you are selling jewelries, then technically you should obtain a higher level of security.

Nevertheless it’s just right to fill your shop with alarm systems as well as surveillance cameras that will surely help a lot in chasing down those thieves.

Proper lighting

Spending some cash for proper lighting is also a must when it comes to store protection. With the right amount of light plus the street lamps, thieves will surely doubt on attacking your store. Showing them that you’re willing to spend just to keep your store protected will give them the feeling that it’s also equipped with the best security gadgets.

Avoid over-exposure of valuable items

One modus of thieves is to pretend as an ordinary buyer by day. This is the right time to observe your store as well as the items they can easily steal. Avoid placing your tablet, laptop or even your mobile phone anywhere.

You should also stay away from leaving the cash registers open. This may be a small issue, but in the mind of the thieves, personal items placed anywhere is an equivalent of a vulnerable and careless owner.

Keeping your small business protected is just one of the many responsibilities of every business owner. Aside from that, you should also see to it that your employees are well protected also. Thieves are everywhere, and their modus is quite transparent; thus, you have to be extra meticulous when it comes to this. An extra coat of protection calls for extra costs, but it sure is worth it.